Hello All,

I am Vannin but you will see me in game mostly as Vanhealin (Holy/Ret/Prot Pally). I have previous raid experience, and I am hoping to get back into raiding. During legion to fill the team I switched from Holy Pally to Rogue and after which have been more casual and sort of an alt-o-holic.

I recently transferred to Area-52 to play with a couple real life friends and was also looking for an active community. I saw your listing on Reddit and I like the sound of it, especially since I like other games such as D3 and FFXIV.

Looking forward to having some fun in game(s)!


Welcome @Vannin! Since you’ll already registered, you’re all set for an in-game invite. You can “/who Evolved Gaming” in-game and ask anyone to point you at an officer (if there is one online). You can also request an invite in the guild finder and someone will add you as soon as they’re on.

There is a button on our main webpage to join the Discord server. Once you do, you’ll get a DM from our bot that will help you get set up on our server. Come say hi in #wow-h-chat!

See ya soon!

Hmmm i used to know a Vanhealin back in the day… wonder if youre the same dude?

Well I have not always used that name (sadly) - when I started in Wrath on Alterac Mountains Alliance side it was initially Vannin but ended up becoming VanHealin. I believe it stuck with a move to Bleeding Hollow Horde side after that. Then I started doing other roles and decided that I wanted a more general name and went back to using Vannin or Vanness (if Vannin was taken). When I came to Area52, I wanted VH back, even though I hate funky characters in names, I decided I could handle the “i” being funky.

did you ever play on proudmoore or Thrall?

Nope I have not played on either of those realms :frowning: , whoever was that VanHealin must of been an imposter :smiley:

Welcome to Evolved! Glad to have you join us! :slight_smile:

Dang! Well I look forward to meeting this new to me Van :slight_smile: