Guild Application - Demonicdayer

Once upon a time I waited in line at Best Buy for the midnight release of World of Warcraft. I have always loved this genre, growing up in the 80’s playing D&D. I played a lot of mmorpg games pre-wow from the cartoony 2D The Realm to my BattleMage on EQ, with a lot in between, but wow was the first game where I got into a community.

For a lot of years I was a raiding resto Druid. I would stare at myself as a hideous treant for hours.

As my sons god older, my oldest became an amazing hunter (Igotyoufirst he is doing war this season as Eyegot) and I found myself having less personal time and took a hiatus. I spent most of the last few years either playing Xbox or Hearthstone.

When classic came out I briefly messed with it but also had FOMO of retail, and decided to just “try it out”. I wanted something different and to build my character from the ground up, to see if I can get that feeling of loving Wow again. So, in August of 2022 Demonicdayer was born. I rolled her on my sons server, but didn’t want to follow him like a lost puppy into his guild. I originally thought I’d just play casually solo until I realized that I could only get so far without making some new friends along the way.

TLDR 48 year old mom working 60 hrs a week wants to have some fun with new friends

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Hi there and welcome! We do most of our communication in discord now:

Please join us there - and also find us in game with the guild-finder (Evolved on Area-52 for Horde, Proudmoore for Alliance). Please be sure to list your discord name when you apply in-game - we use it to keep track of everyone and their alts (your application will be denied if it’s missing).

Of special interest to new members will be the #wow-chat pins with all of our cross-faction community information, and the #wow-information channel which has all of our general information.