Guild Application - Dracones

Hello everyone, my name is Slava and I have just returned to WoW after a long break. I played fairly consistently but left just before Shadowlands came out, and I now have a lot of catching up to do (questing through Bastion as I type this). I have never been too much of an intense raider, as the last time I raided with a guild was in Wrath, which is probably why Ulduar holds a special place in my heart. I enjoy all types of WoW content, especially achievements and pet battles, and am willing to try raiding again in the future if I can get over the steep learning curve.

I saw the recruitment ad online for this guild and immediately left my low-population server to join Proudmoore. This seems like a great community to be part of so I am very excited to apply. IRL I am a 29 year old guy, and live in a Washington DC suburb with my fiancee and our two pugs. Apart from gaming, I enjoy reading and taking my pups to the dog park. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Hello! I know I already sent you an invite to the guild but just wanted to say welcome again! Look forwarding to seeing you in game and getting the chance to talk to you more! Don’t be afraid to jump on Discord and say hi occasionally!