Guild Application - Frosty

My name is Frosty and I’ve been playing/raiding since Cata. I recently took a break during 9.1 and have made a return just in time for 9.2. I am extremely skilled at my class (sub/ass rogue) but open for criticism/improvement. I am mostly focusued on Mythic+ but would consider raiding as well. I am free afternoons/nights Mon-Fri but currently don’t have a microphone. I am still able to fully listen/follow instructions flawlessly however. I am very helpful and always willing to help out guildies. Thanks for your time!

IGN: Frostyfate

Hiya Frosty!
You are coming back to the game at a great time. New patch, new raid, 2 new M+ dungeons… You are more than welcome to join Evolved. Raiding is not required at all if it’s not your thing. We have plenty of people that only run keys, or even play casually. You’ll find people running keys most nights of the week other than Tuesday. We don’t have any formal application process, so you can join us whenever you are ready. Let us know if you have any questions!

To help you get started:

Discord link:

To setup discord:

  1. go to the #jedbot-authentication channel
  2. use this command to align your discord account with your forum name and unlock the server:
    .iam Frosty1

Guild Invite Options:

  1. You can use the in game guild finder. Make sure to just note your forum name from here “Frosty1”
  2. You can use “/who evolved” and ask an online member to point you to an officer for invite
  3. Ask in discord. In discord after you do the above setup, scroll WAYYYYYY down to the WoW-A area. You can go to WoW-A Chat and @WoW-A-Officer to ask for an invite to the guild. We’ll need your in game name and forum name (Frosty1) for invite.

New member info: WoW-A New Member Guide

IGN: Meddah-Proudmoore