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I have been playing world of warcraft since the beginning of TBC, my parents were the ones who got me and my brother into the game. We have always loved and have played every xpac, but will usually fall off mid way through the expansion. We currently are on Azuremyst, where we created our first characters, but Azuremyst has been a very dead server for a long time. For the past few expansions I feel that we were unable to truly enjoy the gameplay of world of warcraft because we never could find a solid guild, where more than five people are active. My brother and I have always wanted to raid consistently, but with premade groups everyone is far too elitist and we are a little behind this expansion working on catch up.

So to get to the point, me and my brother would love to switch our toons over to a better server, and find a guild such as yours that seems to be very active and helpful. I did a healthy amount of mythics and mythic plus, but being a warrior without a guild I could hardly ever find a group even though I was decently geared. So I wanted to ask you some questions to make sure this could be the place for my brother and I.

If we were to switch servers would we get into the guild or would it still be a 50/50 chance?

What is expected of us to the guild? Such as contributions to the guild bank? Do we have to have high level professions or do professions in general?

Is there a good chance to be able to do weekend raiding?

Are there lots of active players every night, or only on special days such as raid day?

Thank you for your time,


Also a side note is I’m in between who I should main atm, but it will most likely be my mage, my warlock, or my rogue

Hello Gator!

I actually transferred over to Proudmoore from Azuremyst 3 years ago for the very same reasons. I’ll see what I can to answer your questions.

  1. Yes, you absolutely are able to get a guild invite (as long as you are 18+ years old and agree to our Discord rules)

  2. Guild expectations: Don’t be a jerk (actually that’s not a rule, but ya know…). There are zero expectations of our general guild members outside of behavior. Our raid team members are required to maintain a raiding gear set of a minimum ilvl including enchants and gems. They are also required to toss 1 flask into the guild bank each night they raid. We use the flasks to provide cauldrons to equal 2 flasks back to each raider (you give 1 and get 2 out, pretty good deal really). Raiders are also required to bring their own pots, vantus runes, and weapon oils or whatnot. We have guild members that are able to craft almost everything a raider would need at cost of mats, including all current legendries (although tips are appreciated!).

  3. Our raiders are not requires to raid all of our days. We do ask that you tell us your availability when you sign up. We build balanced team rosters and take into account our raider’s expected schedules. We try to spread out people with attendance issues. If you have a very unpredictable schedule, we actually have a will call roster. This allows raiders to participate when available, and helps to keep the team rosters balanced. Win win for everyone. We have plenty of raiders that can only raid 2 of 3 days or whatnot, so that’s not a concern.

  4. The number of active people flexes for sure. Proudmoore is a PST server, so we get active a bit later than Azuremyst. You’ll see many logging on around 6 PST / 9 EST. All our guild events start at 6 PST for Proudmoore. The beginning of a season is usually busier. Non-raid nights you’ll probably see 2-3 groups running keys. When I was last online 12p EST / 9a PST we had 11 online, but mostly doing their own thing.

Something else to consider, Evolved is a cross faction community with a horde guild on Area-52. We use a CF community in game for communication. This increases our member base and the number of players to do end-content fun with. Our raids are CF with players from both guilds. You are not required to participate with CF, but if you are completely against CF, you might not like that part of Evolved.

  1. Mains: I’m gonna tell you something that usually frustrates our raiders, but it also the secret to our raiding success… ready??? …play whatever you like best… Yep, that’s the way we raid. We don’t care what class you want to play. We don’t care what spec you want to play. You like the non-meta build? Cool, learn it and rock it. People that have fun put more into their character and tend to stick around longer. You will not hear our raid leads tell anyone “we have too many of that class. 2 of you will have to main swap.” It is actually a strength to our raid by not forcing people to swap mains.

How we are able to pull it off: Our goal with our raid team rosters is balance. We balance for equal progression. We don’t believe in “Better Team” and “Worse Team”. No one wants to be put in the worse team. We have enough members that we can usually carry a diverse team comp. Our officers are usually our flex, changing roles as needed to make sure we are viable. It takes a dumb amount of work behind the scenes to keep that balance. The bad side: we occasionally need to rebalance teams and shift members around. People don’t always like changes.

Advice: Join our Discord first, check us out, see who we are. You are more than welcome to come hang out in voice chat. Talk to peeps in the lounge. You can also hang out in our voice during raids to see how we roll, just be respectful of noise and use push to talk. We have plenty of people that are willing to stream if you watch to watch. It’s one way to check out who we are without any commitment on your part. I know server transferring is a big commitment. Even if you decide we are not the right fit for you and your brother, Proudmoore is a HUGE alliance server with many great guilds. Transferring here is less of a risk in that aspect.

Our current schedule:
Tuesday: Team raid Fated of the week, starting with normal
Wednesday (2 out of 3 weeks rotating): M+ Mingle (a more casual / social night grouping up members by experience and gear level) (on break until Aug 24)
Friday: Team raid Fated of the week, moving from normal to heroic
Saturday: Team raid Fated of the week, finishing up heroic
Sunday: Open raid Fated LFR. Moving to Fated of the week normal starting around Aug 27. Open to any member meeting minimum requirements. No sign up needed. Very casual and learning focused raiding

Let us know if you have any questions!

To help you get started:

Discord Setup:

  1. Discord link
  2. Go to #welcome channel
  3. Read the rules and click “I Accept”
  4. Go to #role-assignment
  5. Click on any / all games of your choice
  6. Magic! The server is now fully unlocked

Guild Invite Options:

  1. You can use the in game guild finder. Make sure to only note your discord name “Medd#1234”
  2. You can use “/who evolved” and ask an online member to point you to an officer for invite. We’ll need your discord name “Medd#1234” for invite.
  3. Ask in discord. In discord after you do the above setup, scroll WAYYYYYY down to the WoW area. You can go to WoW-Chat and @WoW-A-Officer to ask for an invite to the guild. Just add that you need an invite on Alliance side.

IGN: Meddah-Proudmoore

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