Guild Application -- HollyC

I was with Evolved while they were still part of Grievance. Unfortunately, the new WoW-A branch of Grievance is mainly progression raiders who raid up to AOTC and then stop playing until the next patch.

I know that WoW overall is in an increasingly precarious position, and understand that many players have good reasons for not playing now-- some don’t plan to return. But as long as it’s running, and as long as I can find welcoming people, I’ll still be around.

I’m primarily a social player. Although I’ve been typing as far back as 1978, before the personal computer ever really debuted, I know that times change and I must change with them, so if I need to, I can learn to start coming into voice chat on Discord. Because I no longer have time to raid, I do WQ’s, WB’s, some Korthia, and Maw Assaults. However, if I’m accepted, and if the guild is willing to teach me, I’d be honored to learn dungeons. I’d have to start at low keys as my Alliance toons aren’t overly geared, but will progress as far as I’m able. Also, if the guild does any weekend mount/transmog/achievement raid runs, I might be able to come along. Although I might have to be scraped off the floor a lot when in Nathria or SoD, hahaha.

As I mentioned in Discord, I’m Holly. I’m 55, and live in New York City.

Feel free to ask any questions desired.