Guild Application - Hubbub

Howdy, peeps!

I just reactivated my subscription after a few years’ hiatus. Have been an off and on player since launch. I’m a 44 y/old guy (he/him) in Florida, excited about getting back into the grind. Found your group via a reddit post.

Main is lvl 50 alliance demonology warlock starting to creep around Proudmoore and begin shadowlands content. :smiley: Earned Keystone Conquerer achievement back in 2017 (but never Keystone Master) with my now-inactive guild here on Proudmoore. I am by no means an expert on this game, though, so prepare yourselves for some alarmingly basic questions. (⊙_⊙;)

In terms of other gaming I still enjoy FPS (primarily battlefield & COD) and have noodled around with Star Citizen a bit. I’ve also played a ton of FFXIV in years’ past and have found that learning how to maximize DPS is what I enjoy most in these here MMOs.

My schedule is mostly open in evenings. I also work from home and may be sneaking on a bit during the day. I’m boo’d-up but my partner prefers to be a console peasant and he isn’t that into MMOs.

I enjoy helping others get leveled & geared. Pony farming in FFXIV and shaving off time from the fights one second at a time made for some fun memories and I’m hoping to find the same sort of community here with you!

Hello! I just wanted to say hello and welcome to Evolved. And of course, welcome back to WoW! Its a great time to come back with some of the catchup mechanics in game…and the new shiny expansion hopefully by the end of the year!

Definitely check out our gaming section on Discord if you feel like checking out some of the other games people play in Evolved. I know we have quite a few that enjoy shooters, and I am a huge fan of FFXIV myself. Just need more time to play it lol

If you have any questions or need help, make sure to reach out!