Guild Application-Ladsrony

Greetings Evolved

My in game name is Ladronys for most characters I play (Currently 60 DH 60 Hunter 60 Warlock) my irl name is also Justin. I have been playing wow since BC and have raided in most expansions up to Shadowlands with breaks here and there.

Me and a DH-Moistbits friend are looking to join a community to do wow stuff with we mostly do m+ some pvp and are looking to raid. Our goals are mainly just aotc and having people to play with, would love to hear back from yall!

my progression is 8/10H, for sanctum in case anyone was wondering

Alliance I’m working on and plan to main:

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Hi Ladronys,

Welcome to Evolved! I just accepted your in-game guild finder application :slight_smile: Be sure to check out #wow-a-announcments once you get signed onto our Discord server - a link to all our raiding info can be found there. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me or any officer.

Here’s a bit of info to help get you started:

Discord link:

To setup discord:

  1. go to the #jedbot-authentication channel
  2. use this command to align your discord account with your forum name and unlock the server:
    .iam Ladronys
  3. Go to the #jedbot-reaction-roles to set your role to WoW-A (and anything else you might be interested in getting notifications about)

New member info (probably needs some updates, but still good info): WoW-A New Member Guide

Looking forward to meeting you in game!