Guild Application - Malloc

Hey everyone! I’ve seen the posts on Reddit as well as the forum boards. I just started back a few weeks ago after taking a break for the most part after 9.0. My current guild is dead so I’ve just been working on getting caught up with gear and dipping my toes in to Mythic+ and the Fated Raids. In my 30’s and life doesn’t really leave me with a set schedule I’m available so I was hoping that a community such as Evolved would be a good fit for jumping in when I can with some chill people.

Hello and welcome to Evolved! Welcome back to the game! Now is a pretty exciting time to joining back again with the new season 4 M+ and Fated raids. And of course, Dragonflight being hopefully around the corner soon!

We totally understand real life coming first and it is fine if you don’t have a set schedule. We have numerous groups doing M+ randomly you can join in on, on Wednesdays we have a M+ mingle night, and Sunday’s are our Open raid. All of of those are more of a drop in when you can type thing. And depending on your availability, you can still raid with us for our progression raiding Tues/Fri/Sat. We don’t expect 100% raid attendance and if you aren’t able to make every raid, that is ok. All we ask is you let the raid leaders know on the appropriate channel on Discord if you can’t make it.

To join us, head over to our Discord: After that, easiest way to get a guild invite is to search for Evolved in the guild finder and apply there. Make sure to include your Discord username or Evolved forum name in the note section so the other officers know you have applied already. You can also of course whisper any officer or ask on Discord for an invite.

Welcome again! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me in game as Starisse or on Discord under Star!