Guild Application - Roar25

Hello! My Discord name is Roar25. I am Deaf and am interested in joining raid with you as my Night Fae Kul Tiran Restoration Druid named Hakobo. He has 10/10 N/H SoD and 11/11 for normal, 4/11 for heroic Sephulcer. I have been a restoration druid since Wrath, Holy Priest since vanilla. Most of the time I play WoW, I mainly Resto Druid. I am very familiar with the mechanics of Resto Druid and love it!

Here’s my link for Warcraft Logs so you can see my performance. My Resto Druid originally was called Jacob-Cenarius. But now, it is Hakobo-Proudmoore!

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Welcome Roar25 :slight_smile: Glad to have you join us!

As a fellow Resto druid myself, I totally understand your love for the spec. :slight_smile: I’ve been healing since Wrath as well :slight_smile:

I will say that if you join us for raiding, we do require that our healers (and tanks) have a viable dps off spec. It’s a rule in place b/c of the flexibility we allow with attendance, - if our two teams have to merge for a night (b/c of absences), we may find ourselves with too many healers (or tanks) - and we’ll do a roll off or ask for volunteers to dps - it’s better for morale if all our healers understand this need.

Here’s some helpful links to our raiding information:

I got you in the guild last night, but here’s our Discord info:

Discord link:

To setup discord:

  1. go to the #jedbot-authentication channel
  2. use this command to align your discord account with your forum name and unlock the server:
    .iam Roar25
  3. Go to the #jedbot-reaction-roles to set your role to WoW-A (and anything else you might be interested in getting notifications about)

New member info (probably needs some updates, but still good info): WoW-A New Member Guide


Thank you for the kind welcome!

I do have Balance as my 2nd spec.

I also have Guardian set for lower keys/rares - as I am not 100% comfortable with tanking higher keys in Mythics.

I also have 5/5 tier sets. I probably will not be rolling for tiers for while in Normal. :slight_smile:

Thank you for pointing out the raiding rules & etiquette and schedule. I am looking forward to raiding you all soon!

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