Guild Application - Solomoriah

I was briefly active in WOW around 2012 - and left until a few months ago. I hav ebeen mostly playing in low population servers doing quests with almost no interaction with other players at all - still managed to get several up to the 50+ level though.

But I was not on Proudmoore until a few days ago. Now have a Priest up to about level 14. I am free during the times indicated for raiding. I have joined a few random groups but have not yet doe a raid with people I actually know.

I’m on the discord ingsoc#7060

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Hello! Welcome to Evolved! Sorry didn’t respond to this sooner, been crazy busy and not checked the forums much recently.

Now is a great time to be jumping back into the game! We are still raiding and doing some fun stuff while we wait for the expansion. We have a more casual open raid on Sundays that are great for people who can’t commit to our normal raid schedule but still want to raid! We also have numerous M+ groups going on including a M+ mingle night on Wednesdays.

If you haven’t yet, jump on our Discord and get set up there:

To get in invite you can of course ask on Discord or the fastest way is to search for Evolved in the guild finder and apply there. Make sure to include your Evolved forum name or Discord user name in the note section!

And of course if you have any questions, make sure to reach out! You can always message me on Discord or in game. Most of my characters start with Star in game lol