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My name is Chris. I have played WoW in Vanilla and every expansion since (with the exception of MoP.). My wife played from BFA to SL (up to CN raid.) We quit playing together. The environments of the guilds we were in turned toxic, not understanding of real life and many people just started to run together and only together. After trying 3, yes 3 different guilds we decided it was time to take a break.

I have returned for about 3 months now, catching up my characters and updating gear. It has been very difficult and discouraging as the servers my main characters are on, Tichondrius and BleedingHollow, are not very friendly and are filled with people only looking for “meta” classes to PvP and PvE with. Full disclosure over the years I have mainly played Horde, with the exception of BFA where I played almost exclusively on Alliance (Hakkar server) due to the directions of the horde and lore at the time.

I am looking to change things up and so I have been “scouting” Alliance servers (Stormrage, Sargeras and Proudmoore). What pushed me to reach out to your guild is the Guild announcement on the general Proudmoore WoW forums. Phrases like, “feels like home”, “sense of community”, “friendships that last” really stood out to me. I am a husband to the women I love and father to the cutest (IMO) 7 month old daughter. She and my wife trump any game, any time. So when I read, “…guild that knows what its like to be a parent, working adult…” is enticing and gives me hope that paying the transfer fee to bring a character over might be worth it.

I am a little reserved in transferring over all of my Horde characters and convert them over to Alliance. I have however, started to finish leveling my DK who is 45 (as of 04/10/2022) and I would be willing to transfer him.

I am not the best nor the worst WoW player. I have experience tanking, healing and dpsing. If the guild is willing to take a person who is not 60 and has no gear I’d love to transfer my character and become apart of the community. I know how to gear so that will not be an issue. Finding people to play with so I don’t sit IG for an hour(s) trying to get groups will assist greatly in being productive with my limited play time.

My end goal is to scout out and find a great guild, eventually transfer over my Hunter and Druid. My 3 main classes I absolutely love are DK, Hunter and Druid. I also would like to bring my wife back into the game as she enjoyed her hunter very much (collecting pets/pvping). She just has reservations based on her/our past experiences. I appreciate the time you have taken to read this post. I look forward to your response!

(P.S: My current name on the DK will change if I transfer him as I don’t care for it anymore, lol, thus the reason of no armory link nor is his currently name mentioned!)

Hello CMG_USMC (Chris)

I understand where you are coming from. Many of us found Evolved looking for a better guild. I server transferred and joined in 2019, just before Eternal Palace raid and have zero regrets. We do allow interested people to trial raiding with us to get a feel of the guild and raiding atmosphere, but you would have to have a max level alliance character. When I say “trial”, I mean you trying out Evolved to see if you like it. A trial is not a new member trying to prove their worth to make a team. Anyone meeting the minimum requirements is welcome to sign up to raid for team placement. Another way to meet us, see if you might be interested before committing to a server transfer, would be joining our discord server. You already have an account here, you just need to join the server and align this account with your discord. That will unlock the server and give you access to all our different games, including WoW. Then read through our text channels, hope in a voice channel to hang out, or even pop in our raid channel during raid. If you ask, we have plenty of people willing to stream our raids. That would give you an idea of who we are as far as end game play without the money commitment.

As far as guilds looking for the meta classes, we honestly don’t care what class, what spec, what covenant people play. Heck, last tier we brought a feral druid and surv hunter into mythic raid prog (before surv was meta :wink: ). That was a big deal for me. My husband transferred here with me and mained DH. Our old guild would cap how many of each class was allowed on the raid team, and we had 1 too many DHs. That feelsbad. Heck, we have a ton of druids and hunters in the guild, and we love it. We won’t ever tell you what class to play. We find people play the best when they play a class they enjoy.

Another rare raid concept here at Evloved, and my favorite, is the raid team balance. We will always do our best to keep all raid teams balanced as far as progression. We don’t believe in having a “better” team and a “worse” team. That feelsbad and no one wants to be on the “worse” team. Our teams are balanced with the intent of Heroic raid progression, with a goal of AOTC. I have honestly never experienced anything like it. It does take a ton of work behind scenes by the officers. They are usually the ones that flex to fill roles.

Proudmoore is a PST server, and you’ll find the guild way more active later in the evening. During the week, the majority of our members start logging on around 5-6pm PST. We do usually have around 5-10 people online during the day, and more on weekends. That actually works out well with a lot of our parents. Gives the time to put the kids down and start raiding by 6pm PST (9pm EST). We also have plenty of people that run late on a raid night due to work or class. We bring them in between bosses to try to keep the raid interruptions to a minimum, and it actually works well. If it is a main tank or healer, that tends to be a bit different and more difficult.

We stay pretty active with raiding and mythic dungeons, but we don’t currently do any guild PvP events. We just don’t have many members interested at the moment.

Our current schedule:
Tuesday: Team raid SotFOs Heroic
Wednesday: M+ Mingle (a more casual / social night grouping up members by experience and gear level)
Friday: Team raid SotFOs Heroic +/- Normal skip for last 3 tier bosses
Saturday: Team raid SotFOs Heroic +/- Normal skip for last 3 tier bosses
Sunday: Open raid (SotFOs normal) open to any member meeting minimum requirements. No sign up needed. Very casual and learning focused raiding

This link has some good info about raiding requirements and whatnot: WoW-A New Member Guide

Let us know if you have any questions!

To help you get started:

Discord link:

To setup discord:

  1. Go to the #jedbot-authentication channel
  2. Use this command to align your discord account with your forum name and unlock the server: .iam CMG_USMC

Guild Invite Options:

  1. You can use the in game guild finder. Make sure to just note your forum name from here “CMG_USMC”
  2. You can use “/who evolved” and ask an online member to point you to an officer for invite
  3. Ask in discord. In discord after you do the above setup, scroll WAYYYYYY down to the WoW-A area. You can go to WoW-A Chat and @WoW-A-Officer to ask for an invite to the guild. We’ll need your in game name and forum name (CMG_USMC) for invite.

IGN: Meddah-Proudmoore


Thanks for getting back to me. I have registered on Discord. I would like to get to know the guild members. I will be on discord in a few.