Guild Events! Post ideas here!

I wanted to come up with some ideas for Guild events! If anyone has any ideas, or would enjoy seeing something I would love to hear some from the guild!

Here are a few that I’ve had in mind!

Rat Race aka Naked Gnome Race

Participation required: low
Pre-event organization required: medium
Event organization required: high
Duration of the event: 1-2hours

Rat Race, or also known as naked gnome race. For this event make level 1 alts and bring them over to the start point (Gates of Orgrimar for example). Race and class of the alt does not matter much!

The point of this event is a death race through the very dangerous places. Basically you set the track, or the start and finish points and the first to reach the finish wins. We will set checkpoints along the way to restrict players to particular path or give
them freedom to choose their own.

The rules of the event should be as follows: no summons/portals, no consumables, no enchants/speed enhancers (if there are any available at level 1), no flight paths, no rezing at spirit healer. Any cheaters would be disqualified.

This is a guild event you can rely on the honesty of the players.

There is a reward tied to first place (or first 3 depending on turnout).

As an interesting twist we can make race an escape instead, just summon all the level 1’s in some dangerous place and see who can make it out alive !

Speed Instance/Raid Run.

Participation required: medium-high
Pre-event organization required: none
Event organization required: low
Duration of the event: 30min+

For this event we will require at least 2 teams running same instance simultaneously!!

We will choose lower level instance/raid if you do not have enough high-level players in the guild.

All teams start off at the same time by entering the instance ad the first team to kill target boss
(not necessarily the last boss) wins.

We will have one person from each team STREAM in discord and race to the finish!

Pirating (PvP)

Participation required: medium
Pre-event organization required: none
Event organization required: low
Duration of the event: n/a

FIRST we eat a Savory Deviate Delight to become a pirate.

At this event you will gather as many people who want to PvP as possible and take over the ship or zeppelin (depending on faction).

This is a simply fun PvP event with no apparent goal, OTHER THAN BRINGING PAIN to the opposing faction.


Participation required: low
Pre-event organization required: low
Event organization required: low
Duration of the event: 1hour

For this event we will need to meet up and prepare to kill our toons! We will also need a high cliff…

I think Thunderbluff or Thousand Needles, maybe even Dalaran. Once the location has been set, the organizer will jump off the cliff and die waaaaay down below. OR a raid marker can be used as an alternative.

The goal of the event is for the contestants to die as close to the target as possible by jumping down. Target could be set beforehand so the exact place to jump off is unknown.

Everyone gets 2 redoes if they wish, so for example if the first time someone jumps they do not like the way they jumped they can redo the jump up to 2 times. However if the consequent jump is further from the target then previous results are lost, so it is up to participant to determine if they want to redo or not.

At the end person closest to the target wins.

Possible alteration would be: Mount up on a flying mount, and fly up to the very top of the sky box, then the organizer will dismount, in a random direction, and the closest to him wins!

Prizes can be provided by guild fund or participation can be taxes and winner takes the pot.

If you have any more ideas please contact me, ESKEY! Or just comment on this post!


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im always down for achv runs, maybe duel events.

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Probably not so much an event but a fun contest…some sort of Race to 60 contest with rewards for top 3 finishers or something.

Dodge ball.
You will need the leather balls that you can throw to another player.
Rules: no mounts - and in a controlled area thats not super huge
-which ever team has the most balls at the end is the “losing” team

  • can do this for several rounds

Battle pet leveling race:
Each person is supplied with a lvl 5 battle pet
Everyone go to the Vale of Eternal Blossom
The first person to lvl their pet to 25 wins a prize
Rules: no using battle pet stones and you must stay in the Vale

Team Scavenger Hunt:
Have a list of items that players have to find and bring back to you.
This one will take some research
Youll need to find items that are harder to get - like a particular drink that only a few vendors sell - etc
Which ever team collects all the items first and brings them back to you is the winner.
Rule to make it spicy - no mages allowed for ports

WoW triva:
This one takes a lot of research
Ask wow related triva questions
This can be done in discord
I also pre typed out the questions and copy pasted them in to party chat as well
Can have several rounds / winners

M+ Race

Teams will run the same M+ dungie on the same lvl.
First team to clear it wins

Hide –N-Seek
Played in a Capitol city

  • NO Tracking skills allowed
  • NO Invisibility
  • NO /target macros
  • NO Mounts (flying or otherwise)
  • NO moving once hidden
  • You MAY lie down to reduce your visibility

You must define quite clearly what the hiding boundaries are before starting the game. All participants need to meet at a starting point from which the person who is “It” must leave to hide. That person has 45-60 second.

Fishing Contest:
This one was good for gathering fish for feasts.

Everyone meet at a certain location and fish for 30 minutes. Whoever catches the most fish wins. Everyone donates the fish to the guild bank.
You can also do a herb gathering contest as well

Find the body
Make and alt character and go out to a random location and die. Dont rez and log out.
Your body should be there for the players to try and find
You will give teams clues to where the body could be - like what they are wearing - zone features etc - first person/team to find the body wins

Simon Says:
Have players line up in front of you and give them commands to do (probably best to give the commands in discord)
Simon says Dance
Simon Says Laugh
Simon says Cheer
Last player(s) remaining wins
Can do this for several rounds

I have a few others but thats enough for now. =D

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I love these!