Guild Events!

Greetings Friends!

Starting next week I will be putting various guild events on the calendar. Some of the events will include transmog runs, team/solo competitions and PvP shenanigans. I also have a couple of battle pet ideas in the hopper for those of you who like that area of the game as well.

My goal with most of these events will be that they run for about an hour. Obviously, if we are having fun slaying dragons and people want to keep pushing on that is okay too. =D I will try to post events 3-4 weeks in advance so that people have a bit of a heads up. Some of these events will have prizes which could include battle pets, toys and mounts. Most of these events will be on the weekend but I will try and throw in a weeknight event from time to time as well. I know we all have different life schedules and you may not be able to make an event, time or day. If there is something you would like to do please don’t hesitate to contact me and we can see what we figure out. I am always looking for suggestions so please hit me up!

Thanks everyone, I look forward to having some fun times with y’all!



I have put a few guild events on the calendar. Please sign up if you would like to go. Thanks!

Monday November 18th: Guild BG’s @ 8:00 server
Saturday November 23rd: M+ and Legion Transmog run @ 6:00pm server
Monday December 2nd: Fishing Tournament 8:00pm server (see calendar for details)
Saturday December 7th M+ and Nekid ICC run @ 7:00pm server
Tuesday December 10th Time Walking runs @ 7:00pm server