Guild invite

can someone send me an invite toon name is asnf im on area 52 for the rest of the night. the person that approached me isnt on now thx

Best thing to do is get on discord… post in the Gen if you dont have roles set yet… read the #welcome then post in the WoW-H Chat…

or do a /who in game and ask any member to direct you to an officer :slight_smile: Welcome to Evolved!

If you haven’t gotten an invite yet I should be on around 10 am EST Wednesday morning.

Hi , my name is Khäleësi on Area 52 . I have been playing since Vanilla. I use to be an avid raider, but had too many bad experiences that left me not wanting to raid anymore. But I do LFR to see the new raids out of curiosity, but I’m more a casual player . Khäleësi is an alt ( one of way too many) she is a mage. I would love to be part of this family if you will have this casual , maybe wanting to raid , player :slight_smile: