Guild Meeting Notes 01.11.2020

Issy (General Opener)

It’s guild meeting time again! Welcome to everyone - to the new members, the old members, and maybe to other community members who decided to listen in. We attempt to have a guild meeting every couple of months, but schedule coordination sometimes gets away from us. BUT with the patch coming up, and the holidays being over, we felt this was as good of a time as any. We’ll try to keep this brief, but we have a lot to go through. If you have questions, please try to hold them to the end. And if when we get to that point, you’re not comfortable speaking, feel free to type them in the #wow-a chat - we’ll have someone keeping an eye out for questions typed in that channel.

One reminder from me before I make all these other officers talk. I know I’m super intimidating and scary, but don’t be afraid to reach out if you need me. That goes for all your other officers as well.

Now - let’s get it started in here! queue music

Swim XO stuff

8.3. It’s out soon! The hype! … #serioustalk I’m buying a house! So I probably won’t be around for like the first 2 weeks? Maybe I will? I honestly have no clue. It’s okay though because we have awesome people and events will continue in WoW! We’ve got a raid. Nya’lotha, the Waking City a twelve boss raid similar to Hellfire Citadel, which had 13. Raille will be continuing the mythic raid night group on Saturday only this raid tier. I’ve seen a lot of new members as well as returning members from prior BfA raid tiers and beyond. Hello and welcome to all. Enjoy the new content and stuff.

Each of our new officers might have a few things to mention about the different aspects of the game. If you’re new to the guildm seek these guys out and get to know who they know, like one of those pyramid schemes. Anyway, I’ll keep this short and pass the mic.

Star RO Stuff

I just want to say hi and welcome to all our new and returning members since we’ve last done one of these fun meetings! With the excitement of 8.3, now is prime recruitment time, so please try and help visit and bump both the Proudmoore as well as the WoW General Forums recruitment posts. The link for both are in the WoW-A announcement section on Discord.

I’ll be having to create new recruitment threads for each here soon since I can no longer update the raid progress on our old ones, so having more of you that write something nice about the guild will help us look more enticing to new potential members! I’ll make sure I announce in Discord when I put up the new ones so you all can help!

And finally, just my normal friendly reminder that we kick inactive characters after 3 months. If you haven’t logged in to your alts in a bit, please do so they don’t risk getting accidentally purged. If you do get kicked, just whisper an officer and we can get you back into the guild.

Seph ARO Stuff

Recruitment is going strong and we have seen a lot of new faces since our last meeting. Bumping our threads are always appreciated. The best way to add to our Evolved Gaming family is word of mouth. Tell your friends about us. We would be happy to have them as part of our family.

Cox/Raille 8.3 Raid

  1. Mythic Raiding - We will again do mythic raiding in 8.3, but have revised the rules and structure of the raid. Some of this is still tentative, so BEAR with me.

a. Set roster of 25 will be selected
b. Those not selected or unable to meet requirements can opt to be a backup.
c. If the roster is missing too many people then the mythic raid will be cancelled that night.
d. Raids will be held on Saturdays after one month of 8.3 raiding or Heroic has been cleared by both teams, whichever comes first.

  1. Mythic requirements - Those selected for the roster will need to meet several criteria. DPS, preparedness, attendance, ability to perform mechanics, etc… are all factors that will be considered largely based on the first month of raiding and officer input. Additionally, the following items will be required:

a. Availability, barring the unforeseen, can you make Saturday raids and show up 15 minutes early. We can’t wait until raid start time to figure out if mythic is happening.
b. Signing up, role availability. In addition to signing up for the raid roster there will be a forum post soon that everybody interested will need to sign up on.
c. Druid, you will need to be a druid.

  1. Other options, we will intend to offer an alt heroic run opposite of mythic so all raiders have content they can do. However, if we can not initially establish a reliable mythic roster, then we may opt to not raid mythic this tier. It’s unfair to those who are committed to a raid schedule to hope we can fill out the raid each week. To help guarantee we are ready for mythic prior to the first raid, everyone interested needs to keep up with discord, forums, and the motd. Those places will help inform everybody of what they need to do for mythic.
  2. General raiding stuff that everybody should know.

Seiste/Wee M+

Going into 8.3 these are the expected changed to mythic plus.

  • Titanforged and Warforged are removed in 8.3 so you will not have a chance on an increased ilvl. Instead, it can be corrupted.
  • In season 3 the cap for the weekly chest would be a +10 key. In season 4 the cap will now be a +15 key for the weekly chest.
  • The +20% damage and healing buff will be returning for keys that are depleted. The catch is this buff is only available for keys level 9 or lower.
  • Season 4 Keystone Master Achievement – Account Wide
    You can now complete the key on +15 difficulty Mythic plus dungeons on any of your characters and it will still count for the achievement.
    This makes the achievement an account wide progress instead of per character progress.

Week of January 14th :

  • Dungeons are the same difficulty with the same rewards.
  • Specific Dungeon Changes King’s Rest and Freehold will be going live this week. (nerfs to damage in each of these)

Week of January 21st (Season 4 Start) :

  • Mythic+ Weekly Chest will contain a Season 3 reward.
  • This will be the week you want to complete a +15 key for maximum ilvl reward in the next weekly chest
  • Item level will be capped at probably 445 for End-of-dungeon Chests.
  • NEW Awakened Affix for Keys +10 and above. This affix will place 4 Black Empire obelisks in the dungeon and can be used by players to cross into N’zoth’s realm. While in the N’zoth realm, players will have to deal with a Lieutenant, but are completely phased from reality allowing you to skip mobs without a rogue!
  • Mechagon Mythic plus
    The Mechagon dungeon that came out in patch 8.2 will now also be a mythic plus dungeon.
    This dungeon will be divided in upper and lower mechagon in the list for the Keystone Master – season 4. Similar to Karazhan, we will have an upper and lower mytchic plus of Mechagon.

Week of January 28th :

  • Mythic+ Weekly Chest will contain a Season 4 reward. This means if you ran a +15 key your weekly chest will have an item at 475 ilvl
  • End-of-dungeon chests will cap at 465 item level for a +15 key or higher.


We have been getting many new faces through M+ runs and also returning members so its been nice. Don’t wait until the last minute of the week to get your M+ in. Don’t be shy and ask if you need to get your key for the week. Always members here to help. With the new patch coming and ilvl changing again along with corrupt gear being added it will be important to get your weekly keys in. We may not be able to get everyone +15 keys in the first couple weeks, but as we work through the content and improve our gear we will get there.

Seiste Monologue

Hi, I’m Seiste, your new Meme+… I mean Mythic plus officer. I hope that you enjoy old movie references, and strange tastes in music.

I really want to say, good work everyone on Mythic+, we’ve been getting a lot of new faces into it lately and its good that so many people are running them at times we have multiple groups. I want to remind everyone to not be discouraged if you don’t get into one right away, there are many times that groups fill quickly and myself and the other officers are trying to do out best to keep track of those who are interest for runs after completing our current activities.

Also when it comes to Mythic+ there are times that its hard to reply to everyone quickly, as like myself they are trying to not die so please be patient with us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Please feel free to ask myself for advice if you need any help with Mythic plus strats or little tips and tricks.

Drinky General Reminders

You don’t have to be a raider to get started in M+

  • With the start of 8.3 now’s as good a time as ever to jump in and learn
  • Feel free to whisper an officer if you are interested in learning as it’s a great way to gear up as well as get really comfortable with your class.

Raiders as well as any members can whisper any officer if you are looking to improve

  • Anyone can use Warcraft Logs
  • This can be used in conjunction with WoWAnalyzer
  • If you would like any officer can help go over this with you, or point you to someone who is knowledgeable about the class to help you
  • Another great resource is Wowhead and Icyveins

Stale Sexy time

I’m sure you all heard of the song titled “what the world needs now is love”. Its a wonderful and powerful song that melts my heart and fills every inch of my soul. I can imagine this similar feeling can be felt by whomever receives one of my steamy romance novels. My New Years resolution is to give out as many steamy romance novels as I can so that you can also feel as good as I feel during raids.

Please do contact me during raids if you ever feel left out and needed love. I’ll be sure to trade you a copy of my steamy romance novel.

Avasti. Bank Stuff

Guild Bank Needs:

  1. Feasts, quite a few people donate feasts during raid which is fantastic, but it will be our most consumed and most difficult to replenish consumable.
  2. Viper Fish : Most difficult to obtain non-bound Feast Material, from fishing in Nazjatar.
  3. Zin’anthid - Used to make flasks that we are missing for cauldrons or Vantus Runes on nights we want to push for a kill but don’t have everyone runed.

Flask Donations during Raids : We ask that raiders donate a flask to the guild bank at the beginning of each raid day. Every flask donated is worth twice it’s value in a cauldron. IE 12 flasks → 30 cauldron flasks with chance to proc extra ( More efficient for everyone ).


Hi hi everyone!

We’re going into the last content patch for BFA and I would like to thank everyone that has pvp’d throughout this expansion. I’ve been with the leaders here for a long time and this is the first expansion we’ve had people pvping the entire time.

As for 8.3, PvP comes with minor changes (bg change, new brawl). The mount you can get, the titles and rewards. PvP honor system rewards. I will go over these things

M+'s - As for M+'s I run a lot of high ones (for us). Reach out to me if you would like to learn more or do some +15-20’s. Remember these will not be carries, you’ll be expected to learn and play your class.

Triumvirate / Board Community Information

  • We have been getting some events going in our community. Games like Jack box TV, Cards against humanity and Trivia Bot. Please check out the Event Announcement section of discord for more information on these fun community events.

  • We want to make sure that all of you are staying active and up to date via discord by checking out the different text channels like Evolved General, your current guilds text channels and the Gaming Chat channels. Make sure you check the Pins (Thumb Tack) locate the upper right hand side. New pins will have a Red dot. Make sure your able to get onto the forums and stay up to date with any new information that is proved for your current game you play

    • If you are having problems viewing channels in discord or don’t have access to forums. Please let your Guild Leadership and Officers know so that we can get this fixed.
  • If you are finding your self bored, nothing to do or just not feeling your current game in question. Be sure to see whats going on by visiting Evolved Casual Gaming and Chapter Creation Overview and checking out the Gaming-Announcement and Gaming Chat on discord. Lots of new games are being played such as Star Wars: The Old Republic and we are looking into starting League of Legends. Also a new game coming out this year called New World

    • If you are looking to create any new game within the Evolved Community please get in contact with Cataclysm and Taevarth.

Big thanks to all of you for making this community great. Our doors are always open if you have any questions, concerns or problems. But we do ask that you consult with your Guild Leadership and Officers of the current guild your in.

Q&A and Final Closing…

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Thank you to whomever typed all this transcription! It is much appreciated