Guild Meeting Nov 21st, 2020

Isi (Open the Meeting)

Hey all, we’re back again! Since we already had a big meeting less than a month ago, this one won’t be as long (I hope) - but we still wanted to do a little something prior to the actual launch of Shadowlands.

Notes from the last guild meeting (Oct 24th, 2020):

A few things from me:

  1. Don’t burn out!! - This is the most important. Yes, raids open up 2 weeks after launch. If you are not ready, that does not mean you will not raid in Shadowlands. Sign up to raid when you are ready - Don’t get to stressed about being ahead of the pack.
  2. When Raid Signups are open, we’ll announce it - in the Guild Message of the Day, and in Discord. There may even be a post on the forums. You will not know what team you are on until the Sunday before the first raid - that’s when we’ll release the roster.
  3. Use your resources. We’re all newbs going into an expansion. Google is your best friend. And thanks Cata for putting together your usual expansion guide, we appreciate you.
  1. There will be 3 raids. Welcome back to the officer team Rummu :slight_smile: He’ll be our third raid leader. He did a fantastic job of this at the start of BFA, until schooling tore him away.
  2. Seiste will be moving to Raid Assistant from M+ Officer. (Though I’m sure he’ll still be running plenty of M+'s lol)
  3. Open Raid Sunday’s will not happen until we feel Normal Castle Nath is “on-farm”.


No bitching allowed the first 3 weeks of Shadowlands. Voluntary fun or mandatory fun to be had only. I highly recommend sticking with one toon till level 60 and then completing the entire Covenant campaign before moving onto an alt.
It’s dangerous to go alone. Group up with people if you are going to do Warmode. In BfA the alliance saw a 25% experience bonus.
Stock up on Goblin Gliders, Gunshoes, and Bear Tartar. So far these do not have a max level restriction.
Shadowlands raid signups will be available after Nov 30th but before Dec 6th. You will not be added to a team until you meet raid requirements. What are the raid requirements? Item level 180 for week 1 of Normal, 183 week 2 Normal, 185 week 3+ Normal and 200 for Heroic.
We have no guild raid plans for Heroic until we have cleared normal.

Read our Raid Schedule and Tier Info, Etiquette, and Raid Roster Groups and Signups. All the info you need for raid signups, gear requirements, consumable requirements can be found in these posts.

We kindly request that you stop using the uwu addon. There are many of us that find this addon highly distracting and frankly annoying.

Star / Seph (Recruitment)

I don’t have much new to add other then please try and help bump our recruit posts on both the WoW General forums and Proudmoore as much as you can! Both links are found in our WoW-A announcement section on Discord.

Wow General Forums
Proudmoore Forums

It really does make a huge difference having as many people as possible help show their support of Evolved and encouraging potential members to give us a try. There are going to be a ton of people coming back to Shadowlands or trying it out that will be looking for a great guild to join, so lets try and convince them to try out our amazing community!

Last thing for me, just have fun everyone! Take your time and enjoy the new content.

Everything from the previous meeting is still viable for my notes. I would also encourage everyone that the expac launch and the new end game systems are a fun/stressful time for many. Remember it is a game and not to worry we’ll do what we have always done kill bosses and have fun in a drama free environment.

Glimmer (Events)

First, I want to thank everyone for coming out and doing transmog/mount runs with us. It’s been a lot of fun and I can’t wait to get back in there and watch people get yeeted off the bridge in Antorus again. Thus far, it’s been a little unorganized and I apologize for that. In Shadowlands, I will have a more concrete schedule for them and, also, incorporate achievement runs back into the rotation. I know several people have shown interest in doing those. I haven’t forgotten about y’all! Later, we will also be able to start running BFA achievement runs for those that missed them. I want to wait until people have more gear so we can breeze though the damage/healing requirements. At least we won’t have to stand around and try to die for 30 min if we mess up, though, amirite?! I understand that the first few weeks of the expansion most will be busy leveling and gearing up. As such, I’m not going to schedule the runs until the week of Dec 15. I will, more than likely, run a couple of solo mount runs. I may also toss in a nighthold or antorus run. I’ll ask in guild/discord before doing so in case anyone needs a break and if any of y’all need help with an old achievement or run please feel free to ask. I don’t mind taking a break to help you out. I know that sometimes the grind can be a pain.

Taevarth / Seiste / (Mythic plus / PvP)

Shadowlands is not only a new X-pac for WoW, but that means renewed guild PvP for Evolved!

  • Season 1 starts 2 weeks in.
    • there will be sign-ups for those that wish to attain the Spider season 1 pvp mount. I will try to help as
      many people that want it as possible. If there’s a lot of interest, I will need helpers, and exp pvpers.
  • Warmode Wednesdays will Start the 4th week into SL. That should give people enough time to get
    comfortable with the X-Pac. We will try it 1 time a month unless people want to bi-weekly.
  • RBG’s. Yes, I will be doing them again in SL. Sign ups will be posted here shortly. I am however,
    Looking at starting this a little later into season 1. At the start hardcore players will be playing, and
    if we wait like a month or two, it will be more fun for all of us.

Tae’s RBG Sign-up Doc:

Reference the prior Guild meeting notes. I’ll be posting more updates as stuff changes (b/c it has and might continue to do so).

Drinky / Raille / Medd / Stale (Raiding)

People looking to tank or heal primarily for CN need to be only raiding with the Alliance guild to avoid conflicts of interest. Likewise prospective tanks should be available outside of raids somewhat regularly. As these are important roles, consistency matters and is why we place higher expectations on these roles. Rather than be discouraging this is an opportunity to find out if you want to run one of those roles prior to CN. Those of us who are experienced in one of the roles are typically more than happy to play a dps spec and share pointers or just be a warm body so you can do you in dungeons while we are leveling and gearing up.

The window to gear up and be raid ready is very short. You have 2 weeks to max level, gear, chase legendries, and figure out where to put all those new keybinds. Not everyone will be able to accomplish all that in 2 weeks. Life happens and throws roadblocks at you on occasion. Remember, you can still sign up and be placed on a roster well after we get started raiding. Don’t stress yourself out. That being said, those key roles of tank and heals might already be full and you might have to DPS for a while. Just wanted to remind you everyone plays this game differently, so you don’t need to fear missing out on the fun stuff. You’ll get there.

“Believe you can and you will”

Avasti (Bank Stuff)

I’d like to thank everyone who has participated in the Evolved lotto thus far and wish everyone luck in the future drawings - So far we’ve generated over 100k for the guild bank and nearly 1/2 a million to winners! Very exciting stuff.
I mentioned last meeting that I was working on a way for raiders to get help from the guild bank on things like enchants and materials - There is a post on the forums detailing how it works. (This may not take affect until later into the first raid tier)

Moving into shadowlands we’re seeing an increase in the amount of consumables and other things that are required for raid readiness, which unfortunate considering how little time we have to prepare. The best advice I can give in this regard is to farm anything you can when you have downtime ( be efficient, can’t do dungeons? farm,fish, find more dungeons ) . (PS: Join the lotto and if you win you won’t have to worry! )

Q & A Wrap-up w/ Isi

Open it up for questions

Close the Meeting!