Guild Meeting Oct 24th 2020

Isi (Open the Meeting)

It’s been a long time since we’ve had one of these, and well, I’d hoped to be talking about a pre-patch event or the excitement of an expansion launch date by now - but we’re in the Unknownlands instead of the Shadowlands. And in the Unknownlands there exists exorbitant amounts of Starfall, so I’m fine with it (Truth be told, I’m having a blast!). I hope everyone else is having fun trying out all their new buttons - even if those buttons don’t necessarily have an impact on their spec (I’m looking at you random Shaman buttons).

Thanks to all our members for being so welcoming to returning players, new players, new members and old returning members. If you’re returning to the Alliance guild after a WoW hiatus, we’ve missed you. If you’re brand new - Welcome! We hope you find your WoW family home here. We know that our community is filled with helpful members ready to assist others with their game questions - so I also want to send a big thank you to the Helpers.

If anyone at anytime has any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to send me or any officer a message. I can be reached through PM via the forums or on Discord. The response may not be immediate, but I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. And for real, if you have a concern, share it. We can’t address issues if we don’t know they exist.

Biggest advice I can give if you’re new to the game or have taken a few expansions off from WoW, or even if you just have a random question and guildies don’t have the answer you want - use your resources. WoWhead, Icyveins, Raidbots, WoWanalyzer, etc. - WoW’s been around so long, that Google is a great friend to players - so Google the shit out of those questions and use the tools that are out there.

To help us out, a big reminder to everyone: If someone is looking for an invite and the officers aren’t around, please direct them to use the in-game guild search to find Evolved and apply there with their forum name. We’ll get them in the guild the next time one of us is online.

We’ve got a lot of great info for you tonight - some of it’s new information, some of it’s already a part of our process and rules - but we wanted to give an overview of what we think is important and orientate us all in preparation for Shadowlands. We may still make updates to what we present here, but we try to make announcements in Discord when we update our raid rules or any other applicable information.

And now, on to the meeting!


If you ain’t a monk then you a punk. Since I’m a punk, DKs are the best. Any nay-sayers can meet me out back by the flag pole after the meeting.

Welcome all the new folks. We’ve had a large influx over the past Marchtember month(s). If you are unfamiliar with any guild policies Tae has written up a nice New Members guide which we will keep up to date with any pertinent information and links. We are more or less an “everything” guild so start up convos in Discord and Guild Chat. Get to know everyone since that is the point of our community.

We’re going to have a SL Main list out so if think you know what your SL class/spec main will be put it in the Google doc ( that we will put out during/after this meeting. This is main doesn’t have to be a permanent decision, we just want to see what everyone is thinking about playing first in SL.

If you are interested in joining our main raid team read our Raid Rules which is actually 3 posts of info.
(Raid Schedule and Tier Information)
(Raid Roster, Groups and Signups)
(Raid Rules & Etiquette)

Important! There are quite a few changes that we have made going into SL so everyone, please re-read them. We put a lot of work and effort into these to provide you with the need to know info to make our raid efficient and fun. Most of the questions we answer regularly about how to sign up, requirements, etc can be found in these 3 posts. Read them first and then ask questions for clarification. Note that there are additional enhancement effects for SL raiding and a change on how we handle alts and main swaps. Lastly Try to avoid last minute sign-ups for our raid. Our RL/RA officers sometimes aren’t always available until right before raid time and they use that time to start raid prep. Your 15-20 minute sign-up before first pull will probably be missed due to this.

Some things about Discord.

  1. Try to keep cussing to a minimum. Some of us don’t care about cussing, some do 2. Remember the party channels are typically for people curently in a dungeon or a PvP match. It’s okay to jump into the channel but before you start a convo with those people make sure they don’t need the voice comms to succeed in the content they are doing. Otherwise you will be yelled at, don’t take it personal.
  2. Only use the raid sign up and absence channel for signing up to raid or calling out. Any other posts will be deleted from this channel to keep the clutter to a minimum.
  3. Also, keep chatter to a minimum during raid progression fights once we start raiding in SL. We do not need to know if or how you died during a fight. That is what logs are for.

Guild meetings to happen more frequently just to keep everyone on the same page. Even if nothing has changed, it’ll be nice to get everyone together for togetherness.

Star / Seph (Recruitment)

I want to start off with a big welcome to Evolved to all our new and returning members! I know we are excited to see what Shadowlands brings and what kind of crazy adventures and fun times that will be had! :stuck_out_tongue:

Recruitment has been going really well and we are seeing a ton of new faces join our community. Its great seeing us grow and new people join our amazing community! There are a few things you can do to help us with recruitment if you have some free time! The biggest one is just keep an eye on our Recruitment posts on both the Proudmoore and WoW General forums and help bump them, write a nice message or something, and just help keep our guild towards the top of the forums as much as possible. The links to both can be found in our WoW-A Discord Announcements section.

I also will occasionally put our Reddit post link up in Discord and if you could just take a second to upvote it, that helps a ton too! And of course, if you have friends or family that play WoW, try and encourage them to give us a try! And don’t be afraid if you to reach out to people you see in game with out a guild or someone you ran M+'s or dungeons with to see if they might be interested in joining Evolved! If you have questions and want more details on how you can help, please reach out to me anytime in game or Discord!

Recruitment in BFA has been excellent and we have seen our membership grow by leaps and bounds. We have a lot of new faces in our community. As always one of the best recruitment tools we have is word of mouth. If you have any friends/family that play WoW and think we would be a good fit for them be sure to spread the word. Also with all of our new faces don’t be afraid to break your normal circle and try new activities with members you may not always run stuff with. You never know your next BFF could be awaiting you. It doesn’t even need to be anything major like a high key. Doing legacy content that you already have the mount from toss a feeler out in guild chat see if anyone wants to tag along. Finally remember that we are all ambassadors for the Evolved Community so try to maintain the positive image in game that all of us including you have worked hard to build after all you guys are Evolved.

Star or Seph: Reminder that we kick at 3 months afk, but if you return, just whisper an officer with your forum name and we’ll get you back in the guild.

Taevarth / Seiste / (Mythic plus / PvP)

Hello, I’m Taevarth. The officer in charge of PvP and M+. I share the M+’s along with Seiste.
As for Evolved PvP, BFA was the first time we really held pvp events in the guild successfully. Early on, we ran Warmode Wednesday where we raided the main horde city as a guild and killing every flagged hordie we came across. With big help from Avasti, We also got any guildie the 100 arena wins above 1400 rating required to get the seasonal pvp mount. However, since 8.3 we have not held any pvp events. It’s been a while for us, and I am going to pick it back up for Shadowlands

  • In terms of exact events, I would like to do Warmode Wednesday again, RBG’s and have a signup for people that will want to do arena. This can be just for fun, rating, learn the in’s and outs, and seasonal rewards.
    As for M+, we were extremely successful with nightly M+’s. At the start of BFA there were was groups going most days. It only tapered off with the last raid tier. We will have a night to help people get their keys for the week, but we do run keys daily. When you see people “x” up in guild it’s because groups usually form first in discord, so if you can hop on in. If we post in Guild, don’t be shy to give it a try! If you’re new or haven’t do many keys, we’re here to help. If you like to push keys, we do that as well. Like pvp, check the discord channel for updates and info on Mythic pluses.
  • Mythic Plus night, where we will get as many groups going as we can to get people keys for the week and it will run until people want to stop.

I will be posting a poll here shortly on the forums with the link in discord for you all to select options for both pvp and M+’s events. This will give me an idea for what you all would like to do and when you would like to start, thank you.
Thanks for listening and I hope to get to run some pvp or M+’s with all of you!

With a new expansion comes new affixes, and changes to some of the existing affixes.

  • The Spiteful Affix is very similar to the Thing From Beyond corruption except every player can see the NPC. Whenever any mob dies, it will summon a Spiteful Shade creature nearby that will fixate a random player.
  • The Storming Affix is very similar to Volcanic in that they’re both environment mechanics. Random Tornadoes will spawn around enemy creatures while in combat.

Removed Affixes

  • Teeming, Skittish

Returning Affixes

  • Bursting - now a magic effect that can be dispelled
  • Volcanic - now deals less dmg and knocks placers into the air
  • Sanguine - now with less duration
  • Grievous
  • Explosive

New Seasonal Affixes

  • With a new Season comes a new Seasonal Affix, which will automatically be applied to all Keystones Level 10 or higher. For Shadowlands Season 1, this affix is Prideful. Similar to the BFA Season 2 Seasonal Affix, Reaping, at every 20% Enemy Forces (aka Trash Count), players will spawn a Manifestation of Pride near their location. Manifestation of Pride has a base health of ~189k and will scale up with key level (~30% of bosses’ health).

For more information about these affixes, please check the following links:

Drinky / Raille / Medd / Stale (Raiding)

Strats and add ons:

  • If you are planning on raiding you will need the add ons listed. During progression we utilize the notes function of Exorsus a ton so please get used to having a little notes box up. (/rt note reminder)
  • Once raid teams are set up please make sure you know which team you are on to whisper the correct RL/RA. This helps reduce confusion and doesn’t slow us down. (Our goal is always to start pulling right at 6 server.)
  • Try to check the wow-a-raid-chat frequently, especially during progression. If myself or another officer posts a strat we are going to use we expect you to have a basic understanding of it prior to raid. This means watching a video or reading the post BEFORE raid. Not before the boss or as we are pulling trash to get there. Our goal is to get there and get face time on the boss, not sit and wait around while people go and watch a video etc.
  • During progression especially try to keep comms as clear as possible. (This includes the rule for all raiders to have PTT activated and this applies to Sunday/Alt raids as well.)


  • Why we killed it the first time… (Abuse of system, fights feel too much like progression again, unfair to people always carrying fresh alts etc.)
  • Goal is not to just gear an alt etc. Goal is to let someone experience the raid on another toon/spec etc. Focus was lost.
  • Since there is no release for SL yet, there has been a ton of interest to have an alt raid to get familiar with a new class/spec or just brush up on all the changes on a potential new main. Starting Tuesday, after the Jaina runs, we will be going back to running an Alt Heroic Nya Raid for raiders.

Alt Raid Rules

  • To help keep things fair there will be an alt declaration in the raid sign ups. This will be limited to 1 alt with 1 swap if said alt becomes dead to you.
  • Your alt must have at least one normal clear under their belt. Come to an open raid on Sunday or pug it if required. This will help with some familiarity with the class/toon as well as with strat changes (ie ranged to melee etc)
  • If your alt is an anchor and/or you are routinely dying early in a fight etc, you will be asked to either leave or bring your main to help the raid out.

General Raiding

  • Key roles will go to raiders who can be present for 90%+ of raids. We will try to be as fair as possible, but like Medd said, we ask that tanks/healers have viable DPS offspecs. For the tank role, for progression, we will be keeping the tanks as static as possible. This does not mean that if you want to tank and don’t get a tank spot right away that you will never tank. Eventually we can swap like the healers etc, but for initial clears and progression, keeping the same tanks each night helps dramatically with strats and communication.
  • Progression = wipes. Please listen for fast recoveries. If we say don’t release, don’t. We get mistakes happen but try to be attentive.
  • Progression = DPS/HPS/Tanks know how to tank checks etc. If you routinely fail mechanics or do not listen to officers you will be asked to leave the raid. This does not mean you are “off the team.” It just means that you have the time to read up on the fight and try and figure out what’s going wrong.
  • Help!!! - If you are struggling you are always welcome to ask. Shoot an officer a whisper, or hit us up after raid. (If you whisper me during raid there’s a good chance I won’t see it.) Myself of any other officer will be more than happy to go over logs etc with you to help you improve. There are sites available as well that can help you out as well (wowanalyzer + logs). We can help you go over those etc. M+ and other content is also another great place to practice your rotation etc.

Raid Stuff (we can split it up so I’m starting broad.)

Play What You Want - Pick the covenant that makes you happy, play the class that makes you happy, don’t worry about the meta. Don’t tell people they picked the wrong covenant, be kind rewind, etc…

Raid Plans - Tentatively looking at two or three raid teams, these will all be balanced and we rarely “need” a specific class or role. Again refer to Play What You Want. Discuss raid requirements (addons, gems/chants (including lower threshold for start of tier), familiarity with boss fights (we expect people to have watched videos and have a basic understanding for progression), Food/Flasks ( we try to provide, but don’t expect these to be ready at the start of the tier), etc. We will be starting on normal and leading into heroic. Mythic is in addition to our raids and has it’s own sets of requirements. Reference what Swim posted and that mythic isn’t our focus.

Open Raid - This will start after our normal raids start and will not be concurrent. This is where the declared alts fall in and raid requirements will apply here as well.

Raid Gearing/Prep - group up be on discord. Running M+ and finding groups will help with gearing up for the first raid. Mention m+ nights and general availability to run dungeons most nights. If you are struggling there are a number of resources (i.e. Wowhead, Icy-Veins, Class discords, guildies, etc.). Don’t be afraid to ask questions, we are here to help whether it be a raid mechanic clarification, class rotation, or any other concern

Etiquette reminder: Please be at the raid entrance and ready to pull before 6pm and don’t rely on a summons. If you are joining late, you are still welcome to join us. Just make your way to the raid first, whisper your officer INVITE and find your way to the group.

AFK and breaks: We’ve been just steam rolling through NYA lately. If you need to take a short break, go while we are clearing trash between bosses. If you need to go AFK for a longer time, please drop group. You can rejoin us when you get back by whispering INVITE again. It cuts down on the confusion.

We all get weekly whispers of “Can I bring my alt to raid on friday? My main doesn’t need anymore upgrades, so I was hoping to bring an alt instead.” I know this has been a looooonnngggg raid tier and people are getting bored. If you just want to try out a new class, a different spec, or even switch roles, Friday night raid really is not the place. Open raid on Sunday or even LFR would be a better place to give new things a try. With NYA lasting so long, and most classes having significant changes we realize many people will be bringing a new main into Shadowlands. We’ve been talking about allowing 1 additional main swap for this raid tier.

When you bring in a new main, keep in mind several things:

  1. The minimum gearing requirements really only allowed us to clear heroic content through the first 3 bosses. We all needed better gear to progress past that. We need the majority of the team to have gear well above that requirement
  2. Rotation Distraction. Even if you have decent gear and know the fights, you will be distracted while playing a new(er) class or spec in raid. People tend to tunnel on the rotation and have delayed reflexes when it comes to mechanics. This is why overgeared alt runs feel more like progression than farm when we should be facerolling the content.

For Titans & Tentacles, we use a penguin emoji. I usually use the pink penguin to mark raid sign outs when I see them. I’m really not picturing stabbing you. usually. unless you’re rummu.

Going into the new raid in SLs, we’ll all need some patience. Not everyone learns content the same way or in the same time frame. The new teams may not end up balanced in the beginning and the comps might need to be reworked. I expect many old raiders to be coming back as well as new guildies joining us on the teams for the first time. While we will try to accommodate the “play what you like” ideal, there may be too many people playing a specific role. We do ask that healers and tank have a dps off spec available. For T&T, my plan in case of too many healers will be to fairly rotate through taking turns dpsing. If we have 6 healers and only need 5, then you would have to dps 1 raid night out of 6. I know healers WANT to heal, so I’m trying to be fair about who gets pushed to dps.

Raid stuff:

DPS recipe for raid:

  1. Start with what talent tree you want to play (see wowhead, icy-veins, etc.)
  2. What stats to prioitize for your talent tree? (see wowhead, icy-veins, etc.)
    Remember higher ilvl does not always equal an upgrade.
  3. What is your rotation? (unless you are Cata, then it is fine to faceroll) (see wowhead, icy-veins, etc.)
  4. What addons can help support your rotation? (see wowhead, icy-veins, etc.)
  5. What consumables do you need to bring? (flask, food, etc.)
  6. Watch youtube of boss fights.
  7. If it’s on the ground. And you did not put it there. THEN DON’T STAND IN IT! (Isi says: Unless we tell you to :smiley: )

It is okay to leave group on progression bosses, no one is going to judge you. I personally hate to kick anyone from the raid group, so do it yourself. If you keep dying within a minute into the fight on several pulls, let one of the officer know that you’re leaving group and going to be on discord watching a live stream of the other players in group. Do the same if you are doing low DPS. When we kill the boss and moving onto the next boss, join back in the group by whispering the word “invite” to one of the officer in raid. Ask what you can do for the raid, not what the raid can do for you.

Avasti (Bank Stuff)

With BFA closing and Shadowlands approaching we’re looking at revising how the guild bank’s materials will be used going forward - there will be a post on the forums detailing a system we’re looking to implement to help raiders request enchants/materials from the guild bank at a reasonable discount!

There’ll also be a post going into more detail about the consumables, their mats, and what could be scarce on launch ( subject to change, cus dat’s how expansions be ).

We’re also looking to implement an Evolved Lottery, similar to what is currently operated Horde side! I’m hoping to get started in the next couple weeks.

I’d also like to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped with donating to the guild bank; @Austoria especially for the monumental help she’s been throughout Nya’lotha, farming the spare crates to craft over 800 feasts for the guild bank!

Staletala’s Random Wisdom


So I’ve been task to impart y’all with my wisdom. I have some that I’ve learn throughout my almost 40 years of existence.

  1. Drinking hot coffee is a fine art. Slowly sip it and always end your sip with "ah!’
  2. Always stock up on toilet paper. You’ll never know when the store runs out of them.
  3. Eating a burrito over your keyboard is bad.
  4. When in Rome, eat like a Roman. When in Canada. pour maple syrup over everything.

To be continued…

Q & A Wrap-up w/ Isi

Open it up for questions


Veteran Members
We wanted to give some recognition to some of our members - these guys and gals have been super helpful throughout their time with us and we wanted to give them something in return. So ya’ll get a title :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for being great :heart:


Officer Announcements
Glimmer has agreed to join our ranks as an Event Officer - she’ll be planning mog, mount, cheeve runs for the guild and we’re happy to have her! We think Glimmer will SHINE bright as an officer. (pause for Tae)

Alliance/Horde Hallows End Gnome Run
Friday the 30th we’re going to do a Lvl 1 Gnome race through Azeroth and we’ve invited our buddies over on the horde side. Details TBD, but it’s happening! Avasti will have prizes for the winners.

Meme Fight Club Channel
You’ve all see it on Discord - when the real hard discussions devolve into endless memetastic fights. But now we’re gonna take it to (Meme) Fight Club (channel). And I’ll stop there b/c of the first rule of (Meme) Fight Club! (but like, be on the lookout for it!)

Community Stuff

  • Halloween Costume Contests - Remember to post your pics to all the Halloween costumes - Human Costume, Pet Costume and Pumpkin Carving.
  • If anyone is having any harassment issues or see any behavior that would go against our core Code of Conduct - please take screenshots if possible, document the issue and contact the Triumvirate and Board Members.

Close the Meeting!

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