Guild Membership Application

I’m interested in joining Evolved’s alliance Proudmoore raid guild. I currently main a mistweaver monk (healer), but am comfortable with tanking and DPS, too. I achieved AotC every season of last expansion, and am interested in building or contributing to a community that dreams of Cutting Edge. Mostly, I want a place to belong and play WoW. I love the game, enjoy perfecting my performance, and am honored to teach mechanics when I know them. Thank you for your consideration.
Main Character: Andamei-Zul’jin
BattleTag: ComediaNoob#1825
Discord: ComediaNoob#9206


To be clear we are not a Cutting Edge guild if that is a deal breaker for you. We get AOTC each raid tier and will often dabble in Mythic. We do offer a great place to call home with the aforementioned raiding M+, pvp, and other events. We have a healthy active discord as well as all the other games we play when it’s not WOW.

If you are still interested in our family the discord info you were sent should help you set up with us so we can bring you in.