Guild Wars 2 Evolved is recruiting

Guild Wars 2 is coming up to an exciting new expansion and the guild Evolved within the game is looking to expand and become more active!! We are a fairly small guild looking for more members we have a guildhall and are looking to try everything that Guild Wars 2 has to offer.

If anyone is interested in joining Evolved within Guild Wars 2 message me in discord @Isky Bear#4604 or in-game @Nevily.8156 or Reply here with your in-game tag.

A little about the game:

Guild Wars 2, you have 5 different races to play as and 9 different classes, 3 for each armor type. (Heavy, medium and light)
The game is hosted on a mega server based on NA and EU, if you come on over you can join the Evolved Gaming guild we have over here. You can play how ever you want and there will always be someone there to help either in the guild itself or the gaming community itself.

You can level from just about anything and play however you want, be it from crafting, exploring, doing story or PvP. Play however you want!
Currently we are nearing the end of Path of Fire which is the current expansion, with a new expansion on its way called: End of Dragons, soon we will have a preview of it along with a bunch of events for the summer: Live Summer 2021.

Check out what’s planned to happen in-game and try out each class as you wish and see what catches your attention, the base game is F2P, and if the expansions interest you, Path of Fire comes with the other expansion as well called Heart of thorns!

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