Halloween Costume Contest

Welcome to Evolved’s first Halloween Costume Contest! We will accept entries until midnight Proudmoore server time on Wednesday Ocboter 31st.


  1. “Costume” may include transmog and actually wearing/wielding white or gray items.
  2. Entries must be posted as replies to the Category threads linked below.
  3. You may enter once in each category.
  4. If you do multiple entries, each entry must be with a different costume.
  5. Hide your interface (default is Alt-Z) when you take your picture.
  6. No image editing allowed beyond simple cropping or resizing.

For a category to have a prize it must receive at least three entries.


  1. Halloween Costume Contest: Spooky/Scary
  2. Halloween Costume Contest: Aw, so Cute
  3. Halloween Costume Contest: Yikes! Ugly!
  4. Halloween Costume Contest: Fearsome/Badass
  5. Halloween Costume Contest: WoW Character
  6. Halloween Costume Contest: non-WoW Character
  7. Halloween Costume Contest: Coloring Outside the Lines (Other)

Hey Tynk, I’m not sure how many people are suing the forums at this moment, what would you think about making a discord channel for this content? I can delete it after Halloween?

Jusy tell people its here… no more discord channels

Cata asked me to do it on the forums, so it’s on the forums.

sounds good, I was thinking temp channel since people post a lot on Discord, it could be deleted after the contest and the pics x-ferred here to be saved. This will get people accustomed to posting here which is also good!