Happy 1 Year Evolved!


Evolved’s One Year Anniversary: Blood Sweat and Tears

Finding a good gaming community can be hard to discover. What can be equally frustrating is feeling “stuck” in a gaming community who’s ideals no longer reflect your gaming needs. The founding members of Evolved (Cata, Grimmie, Isilaura, Origin, Soulquake, Skye and Taevarth) had been gaming together for over six years through another organization. We all wanted to stick together and create an organization that would always “evolve” to meet the needs of the players and their unique games. Of course, there were a few others that joined and assisted us through this creative process - so please use this post to share your experiences and memories below!

We spent roughly 3 weeks of planning for our departure. We expected that we would be starting at ground zero, having to recruit hundreds of people from the get go, with a very slow start to building the community. It was a tough decision , we knew that some people would be mad at us for leaving. It was a huge risk. Well, we were totally wrong. After announcing our departure from the previous organization, the outpouring of love, community, support and hope was truly amazing! We felt so blessed and loved, that many people wanted to help create our community with us! We should have expected it this, because y’all are so amazing, loving but sometimes when you’re taking such a big risk as this people’s fears take over the reality.

The first few months the initial focus was the continuation of a strong WoW-A community and the establishment of a WoW-H community. These were solid goals to accomplish, leadership teams were established to support organization and structure within these communities. Following this, a few members had grown tired of WoW, but obviously wanted to stay within the organization; the ESO guild was born. Shortly after that, more members were inspired to create guilds under the organizational name: FFXIV and Atlas. As the community grew, Star joined ranks of the board to start bridging our numerous communities together. This was the beauty of the plan: to have a centralized community that no matter what you play, there is a family that you can connect to within Evolved.

This is what we have become: family. We love each other, support each other through dark periods, and celebrate through the happy ones Yes, sometimes we fight with each other too; but what good family doesn’t? That’s a symbol of passion for the love of the community and the love of the games we play.


Favorite Memories From the Board and Tri:
Making the decision to make this community with all of my fellow Architects that helped shape and form what is here today. Meeting up with our Evolved family for our first get together in las Vegas. Getting to meet people such as Soulquake and Grimmie who have been gaming with me for 5 - 6 years. Getting to meet the girl the rolls her eyes the most at me miss Isilaura.

The Discord laughter that we have. Getting to know people on a more personal level. When our members just msg me out of the blue to say “You all have a great community, Thanks for doing all of this for us.” Brings a tear to my eye knowing that we are on the right track to making this a great community.

My favorite memory from the past year with Evolved was definitely meeting everyone in Las Vegas for the get together. Going to the Hoover Dam with @Dhaxis and my family. Walking the strip with @Soulquake and @Nariko. In game, I guess my favorite memories include all the “silly events” ESO does like cliff side lawn darts. I think the guild bank has given @Cerato millions of gold for all the contests she wins.

My favorite memory from the past year with Evolved is for sure the Vegas Trip. It was such a great thing to meet so many in person that i hadn’t yet. We had 26 I think there and every single one I would be honored to call a friend. Was great to see some folks who are becoming longtime friends now like Grimmie and Dhax, share tons of laughs in board games and the like. Can’t wait till the next one.

There really isn’t any 1 specific memory that sticks out to me about Evolved, but more of a collection of memories involving the amazing people we have, tons of laughter, good-natured teasing, and just knowing that I have this amazing online family that I can count on to be there. Even during my stressful move this past year, it was such a relief having Evolved to turn to unwind and have some fun. Countless raiding adventures with the WoW-A raid teams, getting messaged by @Taevarth to do M+ right when I could use a break from packing, and being able to hop on Discord to see some of the crazy memes you guys post, and being able to laugh at whatever new is going on.

Please share your own memories in this thread as well! Happy 1 year Evolved!!


I think I speak for all of the Horde when I say “Can’t stop, won’t stop!” :slight_smile: