Hello all, returning player looking for a guild to join

Hello all,

Returning player here from Pre-Cata days of WOW, I started WOW in vanilla with a core of raiders that came over from FFXI. We hardcore raided together until the end of WotLK, by then alot of the core and guild for that matter got burned out and stopped playing. It was not the same after most quit playing, so I found myself quitting as well.

I have mainly played Horde and have a lvl120 on Area52 but all I have done with it is try to do old content and progress with the story that I missed. I have not raided since I have came back but I am open to it once I get acclimated with the game again.

I have never leveled an Alliance character fully and am looking forward to seeing that side of the story and lore.

I was hoping to find a guild that will accept my toons, help me catch up with anything I have questions about and then in the future maybe raid with on current content.

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heya and welcome!

In our discord you can send your role to member and ask for an officer to invite you, or just pm one in game.

Recently we had someone new to the game that leveled from 1-120 and is now raiding with us, so we’re not new to people looking for help and catching up!