Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome to the Evolved Final Fantasy XIV (Cactuar) side of the community. Please use this thread to introduce yourself to your fellow members. We’re excited you decided to join us!

I’ll start by introducing myself! Hello, I am Jed (Jedediah… Jebediah… J… whatever you wanna call me really)! I’ve been with Evolved since it was founded late last year. My main game has been WoW for years, but recently I’ve started really enjoying FFXIV and am super excited to experience everything the game has to offer. I’m a total noobie but bear with me, I catch on quick. In game you’ll find me as Aori Shido, a super rad Au Ra who is constantly conflicted on what class/job to prioritize (they’re all fun as heck!). On the WoW side of things I mainly played a rogue and paladin, but so far in FFXIV I’ve been enjoying RDM and DRK quite a bit! I’m looking forward to the new expansion, Shadowbringers, and everything that will have to offer.

In the real world, (yikes) my name is Blake and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I work as a robotics developer for a bank you probably have never heard of :wink:. When I’m not working, I’m probably gaming. And when I’m not gaming, it’s probably because the internet is down. Yes, I really AM that boring irl…

Looking forward to getting to know everyone!


Yo, I’m Trekkie0, I recently joined Evolved because I convinced Jed to play FFXIV (though probably not only me) and Jed convinced me to join at work :slight_smile:. My main MMO in recent years has been FFXIV but I’ve played many MMOs and games over the years. I’ve been playing FFXIV since 2014 and have experience with all the jobs outside of crafting ( with some experience there just never took a crafting job to 50). I main Black Mage on my main character Corey Darkblighter but he’s on another server, you would all know me as Corey Crestwalker ( I know its a huge difference, also possibly new name on the way when my main gets swapped to Cactuar will update if that happens). On the Crestwalker, I currently main Warrior but also have Dragoon to the same level as WAR and am working on numerous jobs right now.

I work with Jed in real life, as alluded to above, and am also in Phoenix. My name is Ian if you’re wondering outside of work and work and gaming, I’m usually reading, spending time with family, or watching videos nothing super interesting. Feel free to message me if you need something I’ll probably catch it on my phone at minimum.

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Heya! My name is McShady. You can also call me Xavier or Jordan, if you’d like. It’s a fun little mystery…which one is my real name?! My main MMO is Final Fantasy XIV. I started in 2014 but didn’t play very much, and recently got interested in the game again. I’ve been having a lot of fun, especially since I joined Evolved Gaming. Trekkie (above) actually recruited me through in-game messaging and here I am, a recruiting officer now. I’ve enjoyed my time in this awesome community so far, and hope to stick around for a long time. Somebody has to keep people from getting inflated heads with sarcastic jabs right?

Like I said, I play FFXIV, but have also played Tera and Guild Wars 2 extensively. In real life, I actually work in the deli/bakery department of a grocery store, but when I have free time, I like to play games and hang out with friends. You’ll usually find me playing FFXIV now, but it’s usually a game similar to it–I love JRPGs and just RPGs in general. I also like to draw both with paper/pencil and on the tablet, and still do some graphic design from time to time. I’m pretty sarcastic and dry, which is why people call me McShady–that and the fact that I love a good McDonalds sweet tea.

If you wanna know me, come see me in game (Fluffy Meowington) or drop me a message on Discord!


Hey! I’m Pico, or PicoDelSol. I too was recruited by Trekkie through in-game messaging. Historically I’m a MMO nomad. I played WOW from Vanilla to Cata and then roamed from MMO to MMO until I decided to settle down in FFXIV. I’m having a blast so far and can usually be found healing. I’m also planning on getting my crafting leveled as I love the crafting system in FFXIV.

When not in game, I’m an electrical engineer working in the nuclear industry in the outskirts of Richmond VA and spend most of my free time with my wife and kids.

Hope to see you in game (PicoDelSol)!


Who is Meri?

I am many things but finding the good in myself can be rather challenging for me so I will let you find my positive qualities for yourself. I’m almost always around regardless of my online status and if I don’t respond right away I’m either spacing off or in a game at that time. I play and own a lot of games and here are my tags and names, feel free to add me!

My platform tags:

  • Discord: Meri#2370
  • BNet: Merikou#1394
  • Twitch: MagicalMeri
  • Steam: /id/merikou/
  • PS4: MagicalMeriann

More game specific:

  • FFXIV Cactuar: Meri Ann
  • WoW Alliance Dalaran: Merikou
  • WoW Horde Dalaran: Saetarine
  • League of Legends NA: Merikou
  • Minecraft: Merikou

And more to be added as I think of them…

For Final Fantasy XIV, I am rather new somewhat. My highest level is 55 approx at the time of this post (4/2/2019) and I will most likely just do whatever sounds fun whenever it sounds fun. I don’t normally grind out the most effective way to do things.

I am all about having fun in all the games I play! My favorite genre of game is Survival and Sandbox. I really enjoy the customization that the entire genre has to offer. Also, I do enjoy me a good JRPG and RPG. However, I play them like visual novels in the sense that I just want an interactive story with some interesting mechanics.

On to not so game related talk, I have a number of health issues affecting both mental and physical aspects. From time to time I get really depressed or upset to an extreme degree, however, I do not take it out on others and I almost always give a warning that I am not in a good place. I deal with a lot of physical pain as well and am unable to leave my home on most occasions so gaming is my only outlet right now.

Feel free to message me whenever about anything!
I am almost always around and if you need to talk right away, Discord is your best bet to reach me.


Hi all, Jason here. Thanks for the invite! I’m a 36 year old married man who lives in Phoenix, AZ with my wife Jill, Australian Shepard Starlight and Lynx Point Siamese cat Panzer. We love our animals and going to Disney, Universal Studios, and water parks. I enjoy reading and learning about new things.

My first RPG was probably The Legend of Zelda back in 1986. I got into Everquest with a bunch of co-workers were playing at the time. I played a lot of Dark Age of Camelot back then and still goof around on the Phoenix Freeshard on Hibernia. I played World of Warcraft after that and have been on and off with it for years. Looking forward to giving it another shot when patch 8.2 comes out. I’ve always leaned towards healers and support classes which are my favorite though I can play any role to fill in when needed.

Right now I’m playing some Division 2 with some buddies when we can all get on together also kind of waiting for first raid to drop with the next patch. I play Final Fantasy Record Keeper on mobile and I tried out Final Fantasy XIV before Stormblood came out and really enjoyed it but tried it on my own without friends playing and got pulled away with IRL stuff. My life is in a great spot with work / life / gaming balance and have some free time I’d like to spend playing FFXIV with a regular group of people. I probably won’t be able to raid as I can’t lock myself to the computer for about more than 90 minutes at a time very often. I do get online almost every day for about 1 - 2 hours on week nights and 2 - 4 hours a day on the weekends.

I look forward to exploring the world of Final Fantasy XIV and learning more about it with all of you.

Jason - Faidan Night (Cactuar) currently lv 31 Summoner

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Just saying hello… Old hat from WoW who’s been with the guild from almost the start (which is why I’m being lazy and not typing a bunch out). Reactivating my FFXIV account… look forward to meeting you all in game.

p.s. On Siren (Cactaur was full).

p.p.s. character’s name is Lan Mandragor. I’ll look for an officer online at some point in discord.

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Hello, I am Praxxis, was in Wow A but decided it was time to try something new out, Wife and I played FFXIV years ago but stopped and have now decided to give it another go.

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   Hello, I am Vasati Zazaan aka Craig :slight_smile:. I live in Phoenix, AZ and I have two boys and a wife who is kind enough to let me play FFXIV.  I have a Corgi named Bella who likes to bark every time someone comes in or out of the house.
   I joined Evolved when I read the Reddit post.  I am looking for an active "older" player base.  I have played FFXIV for about a year now.  I made the transition after WoW Legion wrapped up.  I have done raiding off and on since Vanilla WoW.  Most of my end-game experience has been in Roulette running and Eureka waiting for the new patch to drop.  I also have a few real life friends on Siren, and as painful as it was to leave my little FC.  I wanted to get more involved in the FFXIV community.
  Right now, I have a PLD, WHM, SAM, and BLM at 80 ready for Eureka 2.0 or whatever the next relic grind will be.  I am leveling other jobs on a "fun" basis for now (DKN, AST, plus loads of lowbie jobs).  My main raid experience has been healing, but I am wanting to mix things up a bit in FFXIV with DPS and possibly tanking roles.  I am an average player, with the desire to get better by practicing my craft and staying focus on one main job and on ALT job as my old age and family constraints have limited my ability to learn many classes and play them well.  Thank you for including me in your community, and being so warm and welcoming since day one.
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How goes it?! My name is Adam irl but I also go by Beef, Beefy or and other linguistic manipulation on the name Beef. This is my first MMO and my 3rd Final Fantasy. I mainly play Monster Hunter World (PC) but for the past month I have been playing FFXIV. I love support classes in most RPGs/aRPGs but now I can play this character myself.

When I am not gaming, I am an oceanographic researcher at Scripps Institute of Oceanography.