Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome to the Evolved WoW horde (Area 52) side of things. Pleased be advised this is a test project to see how well we can get this up and off the ground and it will require some work. Please contact myself via discord or here for more into and what you can do to assist.

Thanks all and have a great day.

Hello there. I’m new.

I’m Horde-side, Area 52.

I’m crazy like a fool.

What about it Daddy Cool.

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Hope on discord and i can get you a invite into the guild

I haven’t seen a discord link or bnet names. But I’m in game now and I see you. :sauron:

/who Evolved Gaming

Hi, my name is Levi, but I go by Harplager. I play horde primarily, although I have an alliance toon, but it is on Nordrassil.

I have a 120 healy priest and a 120 tanky DK. I am currently leveling a stable of alts, so there is no telling what toon you’ll catch me on.

Outside of gaming, I’m a real estate broker in Athens, GA (go dawgs!). For hobbies, I cook, brew beer, read, and play with my dog. Recently, I’ve started dabbling with a Raspberry Pi, but my coding is not up to snuff to really make it sing.

My old guild is a really great group of folks, but we are spread out across a bunch of games and there are only like 3 of us that play WoW with any frequency. That means I am usually the only person in Mumble, and that’s just a lonely way to play an MMO. Looking to make friends and help out along the way.

Great to met you.

Hey I’m Chris. Been playing wow since BC days. Switched to Alliance during Legion and now I’m back to Horde. Looking for a good guild and community to call home. Tanked for years and now trying out healing so still some of a learning curve. Look forward to joining up and helping the horde side grow!

Nice to met you… Welcome to the guild…

Thank you, I’m not in game right now. Headed out to do Thanksgiving with family. But I will be later tonight.

Most of us are on Discord all the time…

I’m in game now. Sent you a bnet request. And the discord link that is posted above. Invite code has expired.

Hello all, My name is Rich but in game on horde side area 52 its Spozak, i go all the way back to vanilla wow and mained a healing druid on ally side. i left around the time of cata and was messing with dps druid and a few other characters. Everyone i played with back in the day no longer play. i have come back in the past for a short stay but is never the same flying solo and relearning mechanics and trying out new things and screwing up or not trying anything out of your comfort zone to be criticize or just toxic because you dont run something fast enough or not the way the pug wanted it to go it seems everyone forgets they were there at one time, no one seems to use constructive criticism anymore but it goes along way to help out . Im trying out a monk tank and saw your post on the forums and sounded to good to pass up a chance to try, Right now im a casual player work and kids but i would like to advance with a set of good people who could help and teach in the new dungeons and maybe one day i can return the favor and help out some of you that might be new as well… Tried to keep it short buti may have rambled on, if i sound like a good fit i would love to join and learn along the way.

Thank you for your time.

Hello and welcome Spozak. thanks for sharing.

Hi there! I saw that you had registered, so I attempted to message you in Discord – but I’m not able to message or send a friend request? Shoot me a message when you can! Nystera#3611

In game, you can /who Evolved Gaming and ask anyone for an officer, or look for Severinne (me), Aellice, Sketchie, Buffsalot, and Catacoolysm.

Let us know if you have any questions for us! :slight_smile:

Hey All,

Merv or MervAgain. I tried to create a name that sounded as much like an old man with a cane as I could. Currently playing an undead Mage, but I’m super flexible on classes so if something pops up that is needed I can easily switch over. I’ve done some raid tanking, and raid dpsing, never healed at the raid level but willing to try it if needed :slight_smile: I’m out in California,have a wife and kid on the way, job etc… So I am excited to be apart of a guild that understands family and work. Looking forward to getting to know you all. I also go by Luckyday or Whiskeytown if those should pop up.


Good to have you aboard Merv,

We like it best if you play a class you enjoy. Let me know if u need anything a dungeon run or something. I’m leveling a few hunters in my free time so I may be able to Que up with you or quest in a zone if were on at the same time.

Hey I’m a bit late but i was hoping to join the guild I have a monk on Area 52. I was raiding on my warlock but you guys seem to have plenty of those already in the raid group.

Hey everyone, name’s Seabass. Just picked up BFA a couple of weeks ago and I recently dinged 120 on my Shaman and I’m looking for a good group of folks to group and possibly raid with.

My current plan is Resto with Enhancement off-spec and I’m currently sitting at 365 so still some work to do.

Hope to catch you guys in game!

Good to have you aboard!