Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome to the Evolved WoW Alliance (Proudmoore) and WoW Horde (Area 52) side of the community. Please use this thread to introduce yourself to your fellow members. We’re excited you decided to join us!

I’ll retroactively kick this off: I’m Isilaura (or Issy, Isi, Izzy…) and I’ve been maining the same druid since I started playing WoW at the very tail end of classic. Or BC could have already been out, but I put off buying the xpac for quite a bit bc I was a poor college student lol I started playing with this group of people in WoD, and have stuck around ever since until they for some reason gave me responsibilities…

My real name is Lindsey, I live in the humid but beautiful state of Alabama with my husband, Wedgebert (McPunchy if he ever deigns to play WoW again) and 4 cats.

Thanks and I hope to get to know everyone a bit better here on the forums as well as in game!


Hello My online nick name is Cataclysm and i have been the guild leader of the WoW Alliance since Dec of 2013. Before that i played WoW off and on through out the years as well as other games but i always seem to come back to WoW.

My real name is Garry. I live in Alberta Canada with my Wife and Daughter. I work in the oil field on service rigs for my line of work. Its a really rough job to do. Most of my free time is spent gaming and when im not gaming we try and get out and do some Camping or at least sit in back yard by the fire. We try and get out fishing with my father when our days off line up. Nothing better then in the boat. Try and get out hunting as well if the time permits it.

Hi everyone!
I’m an old WoW player that came back earlier this year to play again. Most of my characters are Horde on Area 52, but I’d like to give the Alliance a try and also get my ally races. Right now I’m playing a gnomish hunter named Gnipgnop. I haven’t played a hunter since BC so I’m a little behind. It seems to have changed in mechanics just a little bit. I’m alaso a bit of a alt-a-holic too.

IRL, my name is Jeff and I live in Dallas, GA. I’m raising my grand daughter Emma (6) with my wife. I’m a Paramedic just outside of Atlanta.

I’ve played WoW off and on since it came out, I’ve also played EQ,EQ 2, SWtOR, Wildstar, Tera and Guild Wars 2. Not in that order. I came back to WoW on a whim and decided I liked it again (I had quit right after Cataclysm and tried to play when MoP came out).

I’m not a hard core raider, I like dungeons pretty well as long as I’m not in charge. I just play for the socializing.

@Arrhythmia Welcome back to the game! Happy to have you playing on both sides, as there are wonderful people on each side to play with! I only sporadically play hunter, so every time I do it’s a brand new experience lol The mechanical pets are pretty awesome though.

Hello; My online nick is Startempest. I recently started playing wow. I have played many mmos in the past, but never tried wow out till now. Trying out a mage currently, but going to look at the DeathKnight when it unlocks.

IRL my name is Erik and i live in Columbus, Ohio. I’m married and have 3.5 year twins(1 boy, 1 girl) and a 2 month old boy. I am a Civil Engineer and like to game in my free time.

I look forward to playing with all of you.

Hey Everyone

New round here - Scotty’s my name. I’ve been playing WoW since BC released, prior to that I mainly played EQ. Since, I’ve toyed with other games like SWTOR, GW2, Vanguard, Warhammer, etc but I keep finding myself back in WoW hoping one day something new and interesting comes out, till then…

I primarily tend to play hybrid’s, Druid (Bear/Tree) is my main-stay, but every so many years I get tired of staring at a bear’s butt and end up switching to Pally (tank/holy) for a while. Right now I’m fresh off of the Druid and am enjoying my time leveling the pally up to 120.

Live in San Clemente, CA, grew up in Alabama - have been working out of Los Angeles for the past 13 or so years for an independent and publicly traded Oil & Gas company that recently went through a bankruptcy and closed down the corporate headquarters pushing me into my next chapter of life. My trade is “IT”, but that’s a pretty vague topic - idea is to start a small consulting shop with some of my former colleagues and try to do it ourselves vs ‘working for the man’… We’ll see how it pans out :slight_smile: www.MVMgrp.com if you’re interested

Being a west coaster, and parent, my play times are usually later in the evening and not consistent enough for serious raiding. In previous expansions I’ve enjoyed Mythics a lot and of course usually get through LFR and normals and maybe into some Heroic raid content. I do enjoy PvP, but haven’t been serious about it in years.

Look forward to playing with you all and getting to know everyone.


I am Ludis. I have played off and on since Vanilla but I haven’t raided since Wrath. I am working on a holy priest and prot warrior. I have been trying to see if raiding is something I can get back into with my life schedule right now. I really enjoyed it in the past.
I am 32 and married. No kids. I am an IT technician. I live in New Orleans, LA. I have made some wonderful friendships in the past in wow and I am looking forward to meeting you all. I love fantasy novels and have always been interested in the lore of WoW since reading the war of the ancients years ago. I have had fun doing raids and mythics with some of you and really look forward to learning end game content with you all. I have played super casually for the past several years only recently doing my first mythic+ and first non lfr raid.

@DeadStroke Hey there, welcome to WoW and welcome to our community. Glad you decided to join us. Sounds like you’re playing with a full house :smiley: If you need any help with the game, don’t hesitate to ask!

Hi again Luciouss :smiley: Welcome to the community! GL in your new RL endeavor! Not working for the man is the dream!

While we do have minimum requirements for raiding, we do understand everyone has a real life, so we’re fairly casual about attendance. Be sure to check out our rules if you think you might be interested. We run a lot of M+'s if that’s more your scene, and have started doing a lot more PvP in this xpac. Feel free to let me know if you have questions!

Hi Ludis, Welcome to Evolved! Be sure to check out our raiding info if you haven’t already! Happy to answer any questions!

Hi everyone I’m trying to find out who I contact in game for a invite to the guild.

Hi @Lakeon :slight_smile: Ranking System has a list of ranks and names for our officers in game. Do a /who Evolved in game, and if they’re officers they should show up with a crown by their name in game. Or just pst anyone and they should be able to direct you to an officer for invite.

Hello, I am Praxxis, I came to Proudmoore from Shadowsong about a month ago as the server was slower and I was having trouble getting a raid team and the guild I was in was dying. I am from Denver, CO and a married father with a 7 year old son. When not playing wow I am an avid collector of Star Wars Memorabilia.

Hi everyone, looking forward to playing with you all, Austaria (druid balance) is my main Austoria ( hunter) is my alt please call me Aust or Austoria which has been my online gaming name for years, married to Mugank also joining :wink:

Hey Everyone,

My in game name is Mugañk and I play a elemental shaman with an offspec of resto when needed. Been playing off and on since vanilla.

My name is Tom and I live in Denver CO. Professionally I am a software engineer. I am married also to austoria above awhile. We look forward to joining you all.

Hi Everyone!
My Name is Klaimix and I play a frost mage. I been playing WOW since the end of Pandaria. I enjoy M+ and raiding with the rare occasion of PvP(I am only good at polymorph chaining healers). Thank You all and I hope to get to know you all.

Welcome Praxxis, Austoria, Mugank and Klaimix! And thanks for posting! Love being able to find out more about our members.

@Praxxis So happy you’ve joined us and have already been enjoying your time here!

@Austoria and @Mugank Yay another couple! (and another boomy! :heart:) Welcome Welcome!

@Klaimix Polymorphing healers is the only way to PvP LOL Hope you’ll join us on Warmode Weds! We dabble in world PvP, Rated BGs, and arenas.

If any of you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

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Hello Ravenfather, in real like Really Raven’s Father. I have been playing since 2005 Raided MC and on. Been slow to go in latest expac. Hard to find a home, to hang my Helmet and sword in. I live in Southern California, in a little town called Fillmore in Ventura County. call it northern, southern Cal. I am an older Player, 48 Married 3 kids, and 3 Grand kids. Loved WOW since Day 1. I am an Altaholic so please add me Ravenfather#11685. I am down for pretty much anything and glad to help as well. My Main is a Pally, but I like any toon that can Tank/heal. So i can, bring a lot to the table. Looking forward to getting to know everyone, and possibel set up some weekly Starter Mythics to get myself and others into Mythic Dungeons. My Name Ravenfather comes from my Youngest Daughters Name Raven. You will see a lot of my in gmae names a variation of Raven or some Nordic name.

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Hi Everyone! I’m Nystera (mage) on Alliance, Severinne (warlock) on Horde. I’ve played since early BC, and my warlock is my original toon. I started on Kalecgos, then moved with my guild to Ner’zhul, and just transferred my lock to Area 52. I’m new to Alliance. I haven’t raided since Wrath (I backed off when planning my wedding, and then stayed pretty casual), but would love to get back into it eventually. I quit playing during WoD and just came back to the game when BFA released.

My real name is Jamie, and I live in Newport, RI with my husband, two cats, and a dog. I am an office manager/project administrator for a general contractor, and I moonlight as a server/bartender (mostly in the summer). I also play ESO occasionally, and when not gaming I like to read, hike, cook, and spend as many warm days at the beach as I can.

You guys have been great, and I’m glad I came to Proudmoore/Area 52!

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@Ravenfater, hello and welcome to Evolved! :smiley: Always great to have another altaholic looking to heal or tank. And fantastic that you’d like to help other members get involved in M+. They’re so much fun! I haven’t yet had the opportunity to play with you yet, but looking forward to it!

@Severinne, Welcome Welcome! I’m so glad you’re already enjoying your time in the community! Glad to see you’re already joining us in raids - I had fun last night in the Horde raid with you! Welcome back to the game and I look forward to getting to know you.

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