Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome to the Evolved Classic WoW Alliance (Pagle) side of the community. Please use this thread to introduce yourself to your fellow members. We’re excited you decided to join us!

Hello My online nick name is Cataclysm and i have been the guild leader of the WoW Alliance since Dec of 2013. Before that i played WoW off and on through out the years as well as other games but i always seem to come back to WoW.

My real name is Garry. I live in Alberta Canada with my Wife and Daughter. I work in the oil field on service rigs for my line of work. Its a really rough job to do. Most of my free time is spent gaming and when im not gaming we try and get out and do some Camping or at least sit in back yard by the fire. We try and get out fishing with my father when our days off line up. Nothing better then in the boat. Try and get out hunting as well if the time permits it.

Thanks and I hope to get to know everyone a bit better here on the forums as well as in game!


Hello everyone! With my online friends (off and online), I go by Sybil (pronounced si (as in sit)-bil). I have been gaming for the majority of my life, starting with my older sister’s NES when I was very young.

In my real life, I am still on a computer as a development manager (future IT director :P). I specialize in DBA roles and Microsoft solution customizations. My other abnormal passion is bowling. I have been bowling all my life and fairly decent if I do say so myself. My favorite animals are penguins. I have 2 VERY large dogs (danes) and 1 husband who will be introducing himself soon. :slight_smile:

If you ever need any help, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Hi All ! Thank you for you in-game invite. My in-game name is Oriandor. Why this name ? Because one day, long time ago in the Whrath of the lich king expension, I you random name generator and this name appear. Since that, I used this name. In real life, my name is Steve and live in Quebec Canada with my girlfriend, my dog and my cat.

In my day to day job, I work as a c# programmer since already 10 years. I’m playing video game since the NES era. I discovered WOW in 2007 when my friend ask me that it was a very good game. Since that, I played all expension. Sometime, I take a break of a month or two but I think that I never passed 3 months of break.

My others passions is Hiking in summer and snowshoeing in winter, even at -30. lol.

Thanks again for the invite and sorry for my English. It’s not my fist language. See you all in game :slight_smile:


Howdy folks. I’m Jed, Jedediah, Jedjed, DJ Jazzy Jed, or any other name you can come up with to call me… I’ve been with Evolved since it was founded in August of 2018. That pesky bot you fought tirelessly against to get authenticated onto our Discord server? Yep, I built that…

Gaming-wise I’ve dipped my toes in just about every genre out there, but consistently return to the MMO genre playing WoW (obviously) and FFXIV mainly. You might also catch me in a FPS game from time to time, back in the day I used to play CoD professionally, and also tried (well, failed) to enter the CS:GO pro scene a while back. Always down to play a round of Warzone or Valorant, so definitely hit me up if those are games you play too!

As for real life, my actual name is not Jed (this is where you act surprised), it’s Blake. I live in Portland, OR where I’m a software engineer at a bank you’ve probably never heard of. I’ve spent the past couple years in the Robotics field but recently got an opportunity to expand the scope of my work into building frontend applications using Angular. I’d be happy to talk tech with anyone who shares a similar background! Hockey is a huge passion of mine, and you can bet when Vegas wins the cup this year I won’t shut up about it :slight_smile:

Don’t be afraid to reach out to myself or others, we’re all friendly here and are happy to help with anything you might need!

Looking forward to meeting everyone.


Hello gamers, I am Slumberpaw, sometimes i go by slumber or paw depends on which one the person wants to say. I love playing RPGs and MMOs, so it comes to stand that i love playing MMORPGs so i was bound to come to Evolved Gaming for their communities for each game, I also play a bit of other games as well from FPS to Rogue-like/lite as well as some other things that just catch my interest.

My real name is Brandon, but you don’t need to remember that, i sometimes stream as a hobby and am currently working to keep my love for gaming a float, if you see me in-game, don’t be shy and give a shout or a hello!


Hello everyone! I’m Miliham, and i love mmo’s.

Just joined, and looking forward to TBCC.

IRL i’m Josh and i work for the navy, while they pay for me to go to school for game design.


I am Swim. That is all.


Greetings and Salutations. I am known to many as Byasaz, loosely pronounced Bye - Ya - Sahz. Many people just call me Stephen as that’s my actual name and people seem to have trouble pronouncing any ingame name I use. My main in the TBC Classic will be my druid Raekniah(Ray - Ek - NEE - ah) I’ve been playing WoW since Vanilla, I raided in almost every expansion as either priest or druid. At the time of writing this I am a father of 2, one 2 year old boy/demon, and one 3 week old lil girl/angel. A few people in the guild I have been playing with for a few years. Some since Wrath, and one since well… he’s my older brother so I guess my entire life.

For my career I am known as a Infrastructure Technician for a local internet company. In layman terms I climb towers and fix stuff(I like to post pictures from 150’ in the air so be wary of seeing them). I recently started “Birding” and gardening, so I will be posting various pictures of the birds I see and things I grow as they do get bigger(hopefully I don’t kill them). I guess as an ending lets make this seem like a good dating ad and tell people that I am a musician, and love to sing(I’m not bad, but by no means John Legend).

I look forward to all of our adventures in Azeroth, and maybe even Earth if we do any IRL get togethers when the world returns to normalish.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Canadian Bear.


I guess this is where I should introduce myself? I am super, super, super new here. Not to WoW, just to Evolved!
In-game name will be Lorani (another hunter, sorry). I am coming back for TBC and I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve been gaming since my first NES at age 8, and playing WoW since launch (on and off). My husband and I both play - we actually met playing Star Wars Galaxies, so it’s become a tradition. My original character was a mage named Fuschia (hence my forum name). Feel free to call me Fuschia, Fusch, or Holly, which is my real name.

By day I manage a real estate office. At night I wrangle four cats. I want to be Dolly Parton when I grow up, but I don’t expect to actually ever do that. I have a bachelor’s degree in music, which I only use when I do the occasional community theatre production. That hasn’t happened in a while (thanks Covid).

I am really looking forward to being part of a good community here, maybe doing some raiding, and redoing all the Nesingwary quests again. <3


I am the husband that Fuschia mentioned and have been playing WoW since Vanilla, came in about the time the NGE decimated SWG. We are just looking to get back into more social play as our long time guild has basically just died over the years due to everyone getting older and having kids and all that fun stuff.

Anyways most people that know me from gaming call me Trill, was my original name going back to SWG but I have never been able to get it in WoW until about 2 years ago. However, I’ll answer to Trill, Chris, Fuschia’s husband, Grumpy old man and just about any version in between.

As far as work I’ve been a Printing Press Operator for over 25 years and currently only work 3 days a week, but those change every month and on those days gaming is totally out ( 12 hour shifts + 2 hours of commute). I work night shift so even on my days off it will be pretty normal to see me on from 12am -7am.

Looking forward to doing some TBC 5 mans again, probably the most enjoyable expansion for those imo.



I am Tenalyen, Ten, or Jacob. I am a long time mmo gamer, going all the way back to Everquest. I played a lot of SWG and raided wow 3-4 days a week up until Cataclysm. I am a new dad with 2 kids and am realizing gaming all but goes away with 2 little ones running around. This is where my looking has come to Evolved. I think this has been the place I have been looking for. A mature understanding guild that understands some people can only raid once a week or once every 2 weeks.

It has been a while since I have tried to join a community and I am looking for some friends to play with.

I am a trained Band Director and enjoy eating pretty much anything (Except for Olives ugh)

I am about to do something I have never done before and roll an alliance toon. In all my years of WoW I have never played alliance. It will take me a long time, but I hope I can hit 70 and run some dungeons with everyone.

I hope to see everyone in game!



Hi. My in game name is Malyari. I’ve been playing WoW since Vanilla up till the end of original TBC on the Icecrown server. I was involved with hard-core raiding guild (raiding 5 days a week) till the end of Sunwell. Needless to say, that style of game play burned me out on WoW so I took a big break from the game until MoP… came back to play because… kung fu pandas! I switched semi Hard/ casual raiding and found it better for my schedule. After MoP took another big break till about last year when I went back to Classic. Looking for a guild that raids at times that work with my work and life schedule and gives me a chance to enjoy the game again.

In real life, I work at Universal Studios Hollywood as a Scenic painter. We take care of all the faux finishes and special projects that require specialized finishes. Keeps me very busy. So wow is kinda like my time to zone out and play.

Hope to see you in game



My name is Grxmps but I go by Vell. I just go back into WoW Classic for TBC! I stream daily various games and I really been getting back into WoW! I’ve boosted a priest for TBC, and currently leveling a hunter! I hope to gain a ton of knowledge from you all, and have amazing journeys!!

Thank you!!


Hey Hey all!, my nickname is Huey. I decided to get back into WoW today. I have been away for at least 6 months. I found out about this guild on the forums this morning. After looking through the website, this guild just be what im looking for. I just made my first toon on your server. I’m not a hardcore gamer. I like to quest and have fun. Building relationships means more to me than fat lootz. I’m always looking to learn from others.

In real life my name is Mike. I live in Alberta, Canada. I have a wife and 3 kids. Even though they really aren’t kids anymore. I would love to join the community that you have built!

Hopefully I will see you in game!


Also my in game name is Caelle/Dianelle, guess I should have put that in there /doh


Hi everyone,

Looking forward to meeting you in game - my priest’s name is Reist.

Real name is Kyle, been playing Wow on and off since vanilla. Was more into PvP back when TBC was active and hoping to get into the PvE side of things this time around. My glory days were raiding during Wrath and Cata, but since then have not been able to find a guild home.

See you around Pagle!



I am Xemik. I’m a Warlock. I’ve been playing WoW since Wrath. I’ve only played sporadically the last few expansions due to work and other life events. I’ve always loved playing RPGs and fell in love with them with titles such as KOTOR and Jade Empire. I’ve played SWTOR for a bit as well. I’m laid back, and when I could dedicate more time to the game I enjoyed teaching and helping people with the game.

My real name is David, which you can call me David or Xem. I reside in the midwest USA and work as a software tester for a TV manufacturer. I love music, all kinds, and sports. I’m the type to participate in NFL fantasy leagues and I follow boxing. In my spare time, I’m a huge movie/show buff. I read quite a bit (my GF considers me a psycho because I like to read non-fiction) and I like techy things. I love to hang out with my GF and make her envious of the fact that her dog likes me more than her. My GF doesn’t play WoW because per her, “she’s not that much of a nerd”. However, she’s playing Animal Crossing as I type this.

Other random facts about me, I’m pretty chill. I’m sort of shy around new people and my biggest problem was I was in a guild for years from Wrath to Warlords and it just fell apart. It was difficult for me to engage and make more friends in-game. So I typically played solo and still do.

I’m excited to be here. :smile:


Hey everyone. Probably about time I post one of these myself.

My IGN is Nef, Nefdaddy, Nefarious, etc, but my real name is Tom. Apart from sitting infront of a screen for half a day, I’m an avid musician and love to talk all things musical. Whether it be Jazz, Classical, Rock, Metal, you name it, I am always grossly interested in it. I also enjoy a good movie or two & am a big fan of anything to do with technology and cryptocurrency. If any of these sort of things interest you in anyway, we’ll be good friends.

I am quite fond of the community that we have cultivated thus far, and I am excited to see where it leads.

Take care.


Hi I am Snewfie Real name Stephen I am A Newfoundlander but live in Montreal and work at Ubisoft
Been an SQL Server DBA for 25 yrs now Started on SQL Server 6.5 that gives my age away
working on corparate clusters and Clound infra for Databases. Love MMO and been gaming wow on and off since 2003 yes I was in the vanilla Beta. Classic is my jam Retail has lost its way for me.

Hoping to see u in game love to help people out ping anytime…

Friendly neighborhood Newfie …


Hi friends! Despite my in-game name, my real name is Brittany! Most people just call me gwen :slight_smile: . I am the recruitment officer for our classic guild so if you have any questions whatsoever regarding recruiting, hit me up! I’m currently a C-130J Loadmaster in the United States Air Force. I have a husband who is also in the guild (Winslough) and chocolate lab/husky mix dog who pretty much runs the household.

I main a beast master hunter. I would say I’m still fairly new to WoW in general, I only started playing at the start of this year for the first time! I still have a lot to learn, I’m sure, but everyone in this guild has been wonderful in helping me learn the wonderous world of WoW Classic.

My in-game name is Guinnivere and is the same on Discord. Please shoot me a message if you ever need anything :slight_smile: