Hello everyone

Hello all. I am returning to WoW after a multi year break. Last time I played was WoD. I have leveled up a hunter that I am messing around on mainly to open up the Vulpera. I plan to main a Shaman once 8.3 goes live. I am older than the average gamer so I will probably take my time leveling up and I know I wont be raiding until most likely the next Xpac. Unless I tag along on some farm content later on. So should I get my hunter in the guild or just wait until 8.3 and get my Shaman in?

For the personal stuff. Im 47 going on 48 next month. I have played EQ2, SWG, Beta for WoW and started wow day one. Raid leader and guild leader for a number of years until I wanted a little less stress. I am just looking for a place to call home and hopefully in Shadowlands contribute to the guild in more meaningful ways.


Welcome friend! We don’t have a limit on toons/alts, so you’re welcome to join now and add as many as you like!

Thank you. I will see if there is anyone on tonight to give me an invite.

Welcome to Evolved :smiley: Really glad you decided to give us a try! I mostly play WoW-A but just started goofing around on the Horde side, so hopefully I will see you in game sometime!