Hello - returning player looking for a guild

Hi Everyone

I have just returned to wow after a 10 year absence. My main is a lvl 80 Hunter (Yraël) and my main alt is a lvl 70 Shaman (Zephyrael).
I left the game in 2009. Most of my friends no longer play and my old guild and community are no longer active. The game has changed a great deal and I cant believe how much I have forgotten. I feel like I am starting all over again

I am an Aussie who is living and working in UK so my pay hours are erratic. I am looking for a chill, inclusive guild and I hope you have space for me and my toons.

Hello and Welcome! I know when I came back to WoW a few years ago after an 8 year break I was pretty overwhelmed with all the the changes, but it was fun learning stuff over again! Feel free to reach out in Discord if you have questions!

The best way to get an invite to the guild is to join our Discord and after you have set up your member permission Discord, just ask in WoW-A if an officer is around for an invite. Look forward to seeing you in game!

I am now having to get over the replacement of my lovely purples enchanted up for raiding are now replaced by quest rewards! and the target stats are altered
AND quivers, arrows and feeding your pet is not a thing anymore !!!
Its all fun though and thank you for including me!