Hello all,

took a little break and coming back for more as I have since 2004 haha. Anyways I’m Alena, very nice to meet you all. Found your guild through forums and I know expansion is far away, but I am hoping to jump back in for some fun with you guys before that. Honestly just been looking for a good cross gaming family as I like to try other games sometimes too, most recent being ESO.

I’m sure we can chat more in Discord, I have several toon collection, my highest being a priest (474 ilvl), but because my first character ever was warlock decided to level one too. Probably going to play a holy or protection paladin as my alt also before expansion.

Hope to see you guys in game, my warlock name is TBarbie and I should be online on it fairly frequent to catch one of your officers in hopes for an invite :slight_smile:

Stay safe and happy!

P.S.: forgot to add that I’m from Hawaii in case any of you are from the islands also

Hello and Nice to meet you.

If looking for a invite into the guild… Hop on discord… or do a /who evolved (In game)


Welcome to Evolved!

Best part about the x-pac being far off is being able to play and test out classes. Hope you enjoy warlock, I know I did.

As Cata said, you can @ officer in the wow-a channel in discord to find someone to invite you, or go in game : )

Hello and Welcome to Evolved! I play ESO some on the side so if you decide to try it out, just message me in Discord and I can get you an invite to our ESO guild. I actually love that Evolved is in so many different games, its nice to have some variety sometimes. :smiley:

Look forward to seeing you in game! Make sure to reach out if you have any questions!