Help! I need _____ killed!

Please use this thread as a place to communicate your dungeon, delve, public dungeon and world boss kill needs. That way we can plan group events better and meet all of each other’s gaming needs.

Hi all,

Anyone willing to help me and Robilarr complete Spindleclutch II? I’ve only completed normal dungeons, so I’m a newb to anything higher level. Also, I’d prefer to keep it at a slower pace since it’s the first time through. Would be happy to help you complete whatever dungeon you’re interested in clearing.

I would bring my Templar Tank and Robilarr his Sorcerer DPS. Best time is weekdays after 5:30 PM PT or weekends.

I’m interested in doing other veteran dungeons, the undaunted pledges, and eventually, Maelstrom Arena. Any advice on that last one is welcome. But, all in good time….

If interested, leave a message here or in game. Thanks!

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Awesome! This is easy enough - I would be happy to help and be sure to reach out to @HonkieAdonis he’s been wanting to help out players with new content

I’ve only been playing a couple of months so still get quite a few surprises. Things I’d be interested in:

  • Have done all of the dungeons on normal, some many times. Still don’t quite get all of the mechanics on some of the dlc and harder ones. Would be happy to go through any at a slower pace for quests or just learning. Up for giving vet dungeons a go as well.
  • Can probably count world bosses on one hand. Mostly just those that come up in quests. Any adhoc requests to do one, I’m game.
  • Craglorn…this place is an absolute nightmare for the solo adventurer. Have a few quests that popped up here that required wb killing that I just abandoned for the time being.

I’m on at odd hours for the US but feel free to ping me in game for any of these @phwaap.

Hi Phwaap, Not sure I’ve been on at the same time as you, but I love killing WBs - anywhere, anytime. I’ve only been in the guild for a short time but we’ve done WBs in Craglorn twice so far. I’m sure we’ll go again soon. Hope to see you on.

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@phwaap what are your best times on the weekends so that we can help you out?

We do map events on saturdays at 4 mst