Heroic Warfront

So we will have control of Stromgarde either later today, Tuesday, or tomorrow and we now have the heroic warfront option. This takes a group of 10 or 20 to queue and is aimed at ilvl 415. It’s supposed to be more like an RTS and will require splitting to squads and coordination to win. One key difference in this is you can lose the warfront. I was going to gauge if we had the numbers and interest in running this.

If you have the ilvl and are raid ready and are interested in possibly running this Saturday 7 server please post name - class - preferred role

UPDATE: FYI they took the heroic mode down, it sounds like it won’t be an option until the raid is released. We’ll be back to 3 night raids at that point so this will have to be more impromptu going forward.

Railletoo - Druid - Guardian

Seiste - Warrior - Arms/Prot

Ravasti - Rogue - Dpsithinkthatswhatido

Pankaks - Paladin - Prot

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Kitheri - Paladin - Ret or Prot

Toladi- Warrior- Arms

Seirie -Hunter- Beastmaster

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Blyss- Rogue- Sub

Alliawa- Shaman- Elemental