Hey guys!

I had thought Id be back in WoW but tbh I canceled my sub a few weeks ago.

I subbed to ESO and am trying to play a little here and there. I do not know much about the game yet do I need to be a specific faction and server to join the guild? Id love an invite if at all possible.

Ive been playing on my laptop on the tv and haven’t been on voice chat or in an organized guild in several years and have been a little intimidated to get back into it, but am mid rearranging my craft/coffee room to add gaming haha…i will also be picking up a new head set.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Cant invite you if you don’t send the @ name to us! :stuck_out_tongue: You have 2 servers to chose from : Na and Eu , prolly should go with the NA. Factions dont matter in this game less you pvp all the time