Hey, you guys like WoW, can we be friends?

Hi everyone!

My name is Christian and I’m not new to WoW but I am new to looking for community within my favorite game. I’ve been a bit of a solo player for a very long time but the current state of the world has motivated me to seek out new friends.

As far as Wow goes, I’m a bit of a casual player but have been working on getting my main mythic raid ready. Hopefully I can make some friends here to teach me the ropes on raiding.

Outside of WoW, I work as a Podcast Producer and Community Builder for a local organization. I was a barista trainer for a long time so I know the ins and outs of coffee and how to brew that perfect cup. I also turn 30 this year so thats pretty cool.

Anyways, glad to have joined. Hope to play with you guys soon.