Hi, very new to ESO and excited!

Hey, I’m on PC NA server and very new to ESO (fresh level 1 character kinda new; downloaded the game late last night then had to go to bed and I’m at work now so didn’t get time to play). I saw an ad for your guild on Reddit and thought I’d request to join. I have a lot of questions and am eager to learn and hoping to contribute to the guide in the future, so I’m hoping you guys could bare with me for a while while I get used to the game haha.

PS not sure if this is already obvious but my Steam ID is Hurtsies and my ESO ID is Hurtsy

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Howdy, Hurtsies! Welcome to Evolved and ESO! Thank you for letting me know your ESO ID - you should have a guild invite waiting for you next time you log in. I hope you won’t be shy about asking your questions in game or in our Discord. We have lots of helpful people who enjoy answering questions.

Hey man! Glad to have you! ESO can always use another adventurer.

My name in-game is @Hyl0, feel free to message me with any questions :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meeting you in game!!

Welcome, Hurtsies! Hopefully you enjoy your time with Evolved, it’s a terrific community.

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where you been honkie? we MISS you !

Dealing with real life, unfortunately. I need to remake my discord account and redownload eso! I miss you all too!

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hope all is well, considering

Welcome to the Machine!