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Hi, I’m long time WoW player returning on a part-time basis and looking for a friendly, active guild geared towards working adults. I started playing back in BC and raided with my guild in both Wrath and Cata. My old guild eventually dissolved due to the demands of work/college/family for the members, and my own life took me away from WoW for a while. I’m still not able to dedicate my time to raiding on any kind of consistent basis, and I’m playing on a laptop because I can’t haul a desktop to my college classes and I could only afford one computer.

I’m 29, recently married, and currently back in school full time working on my second bachelor’s degree, this time in nursing. So I’m busy and stressed all the time, but I enjoy questing and leveling in what free time I have. I would love to join your guild and be part of what looks like a really awesome community. I’m always happy to quest, run dungeons, and go on mount or transmog runs in old raids. These days I’m usually playing on my alts Yrail (Druid) or Moxifloxee (Mage). My main on Proudmoore (which is still not level capped for this expansion :frowning_face: ) is Zwerga.

Welcome to the Evolved Community :slight_smile: And welcome back to wow! I started playing casually in college as well, and even if you’re not raiding there’s always something to do. If you haven’t already, contact one of the officers in game to get an invite!

Welcome to Evolved

Welcome Many of us are in the same boat so welcome