Hoping to join up : )

heyy der buds i saw your recruitment info on the forums for proudmoore and i was hoping to get an inv! I see yall like to have fun, but can get serious when its time to raid. I am just coming back after getting AOTC g’huun (irl stuff blah) and wanna find a home for bfa into shadowlands! hope to hear from yall soon! If i can join up message me wherever.
edit: guess i should mention im dk deeps right now but will be going back to resto druid in shadowlands

IGN: Aleryth

Discord username: Kynlar#6614

We would love to have you in Evolved! If you have had a chance to add our discord, please join us. Once you join the server, head over to #bot-spam and link up your discord and forum account. It’s really easy to do and only will take you a minute. The commands are case sensitive. Once you have your accounts linked, you will have access to our whole guild server. Ping us officers in WoW-a-chat and we’ll shoot you an invite!

Discord: https://discord.gg/XSnHUuV

  1. go to #bot-spam
  2. use the command .iam Kynlar
  3. use the command .setRole WoW-A

IGN: Meddah

Hello and Welcome to Evolved! Look forward to seeing you in game :smiley: Make sure to reach out if you have any questions!