Horde Meeting + Cross Faction Notes

Intro - Welcome To Evolved and Horde Area 52

Hello and welcome to the horde portion of the meeting. My name is Cataclysm and I’m the Guild Leader of the Horde Guild in our community. I was the original guild leader of the WoW Alliance which got started 9.5 years ago. I am also one of three of the Triumvirate who oversees all of our community along with the Board Members. I am also one of the original Architects that created the Evolved Gaming Community 3.5 years ago.

Myself and the rest of the Horde Leadership are very excited to be getting this going for the Evolved Gaming Community. The team has put in such amazing work from planning, organizing and recruiting new members and it’s great to see the text channels blowing up and people getting in Discord lets keep that up. If anyone has any questions or concerns please seek out the horde leadership and officers (Once we get some).

Just so you all are aware. There are many different channels within our discord. The way off topic section has been blowing up on so many different topics. So please make sure to venture out and explore the discord.

Get To Know The Horde Leadership

Hi everyone! I’m Glimmer and I’ve been with Evolved for about 3 and a half years and very briefly just before Evolved was formed. I’m the XO of evolved’s horde guild. Basically, I’m here to help out in any way that I can. My biggest passions in WoW are achievements… mount, pet, and transmog collecting.

I’ve slacked off a little bit lately due to real life just getting a lot busier, but I hope to eventually get something like that set up for y’all that are equally as excited by news of a new battle pet or a secret mount.

Here on the horde side we want to keep all communication lines open. Sometimes it feels like a curse, but I always, always want to make sure everyone else is happy and having a good time. So please, if you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to speak up. If you don’t say anything, we can’t help make it better. If you’re afraid to speak up or super shy we have a feedback bot in this discord. It’s completely anonymous so, please, utilize that if you need to.


Hello all! My name is Weeman and I am the new recruitment officer.

I have been a member of Evolved since its creation and have been an officer before in our Alliance guild. I have jumped around to many different games within our community and have ended up here to assist our team in rebuild efforts of the Horde guild.

Recruitment is the pillar of any successful guild. It is inevitable that many people come and go and that is why it is so important to keep an influx of new members in order to maintain an active community for us all. More friends to hang out with, run dungeons with, and hopefully soon raid with. I have some big shoes to fill in this roll. Cata and Glimmer have done a great job getting us a good foundation thus far, and I hope to keep us on the path to a thriving guild.

We have had some good responses to our recruitment posts on reddit as well as the official game forums for WoW. Those posts mixed with interactions in game and recruitment in game chat has allowed us to see a few members each day on average. We hope that these new members will feel comfortable hanging out with us in discord and in game chat as well. Be sure to help answer questions they may have and include in activities in-game if possible.

With all that being said, you all can help out with recruitment as well. You do not have to be an officer to do so. If you have good interactions with people in game while running random dungeons, pvp groups, raid finder etc. feel free to tell them about our community and that we are always recruiting. Answer questions if you can or direct them to myself or another officer and we can help them out. Getting more members benefits us all. If you have any family members or friends that you think would be a good fit for Evolved feel free to let them know about our community as well.

Try to represent our guild well while out in the in game world. You never know who you may be making an impression on, and if they could potentially be a future member of our family here at Evolved!

Cross Faction Information

Hello hello - hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I’m Isi and they said I have to talk about myself. I’m the guild leader of the Alliance side of our community. I’ve been putting up with Cata since WoD - so since sometime in 2015 I think. It blurs together. I’ve spent time as a recruiting assistant, recruiting officer and as an executive officer before Cata decided he needed a break. I helped create Evolved and am part of the Triumvirate that oversees this place. I’m here if you need me, so don’t be afraid to reach out.

Cross Faction Stuff - Roughly 3 weeks ago we posted an information guide about cross faction and how our community was going to handle it. Here is a link to the original post:

This is a TL;DR of what that information says:

  • Members wishing to play within our guilds in our community will have to be Alliance (Proudmoore) and Horde (Area 52).

  • Cannot be on the same servers different factions or from any other servers.

  • New Cross-Faction Community will be created that only members from the above 2 guilds will have access to.

  • Can only have one main toon and 2 alts in the community. This is subject to change once the Alliance/Horde guild grows more or start of xpack when we get an influx of returning/new members. We will keep everyone posted if we have to limit alts in the Cross-Faction Community.

We also did some other testing as well and have found out that we are going to use the Community calendar for listing Events, Mingles or Raiding. The guild calendar will only be used for events that are for a single faction…though we’re not sure when that would be needed now. So maybe we just won’t be using the guild calendar.

If you are thinking about switching to Horde, or vice versa, please read the Blizzard blue posts on it very carefully so you know what you will and won’t be able to do with your original faction or cross faction friends.

You can’t:

  • Quest
  • LFR
  • Normal and Heroic Dungeons
  • Arena Skirmishes
  • Random Battlegrounds
  • Timewalking

Please also keep in mind we are one Community playing a game we love and enjoy. We DO NOT want to hear anything that goes against our Charter. If anyone has any problems please seek out Leadership of Alliance or Horde.

Being Social - Stay Engaged

Hey everyone! For those of you that don’t already know me, I am Star. I am the Recruiting Officer on the Alliance side as well as one of the Triumvirate Members that works with the rest of the Board on the fun of helping to run Evolved. You might have noticed a few changes that just happened this afternoon on Discord. The WoW Discord section has been re-organized to make the brand new WoW Cross Faction’. We combined the Alliance and Horde channels all under one roof so make sure you check where you are posting! We encourage all of our WoW members to be grouping up and having fun with each other, no matter the faction, in this great opportunity to have more people to pool from to do different activities from Mythic Plus Dungeons to farming transmogs in old school raids.

Please also as a reminder try and use Discord and the new Evolved Cross Faction Community in game chat due to the opposite faction not being able to read each other’s guild chats. Let’s get Discord hopping again with lots of people being social via the voice and text channels. We hope with this new and exciting cross faction excitement we will have even more members on and active at different times of the day.

The Alliance and Horde Leadership and Officers will be working together to make sure that the Community MOTD and Community Calendar are up to date. There are going to be more planned events coming soon as well so make sure to keep up to date with Discord as well.

Mythic Mingle

Mythic Mingle is a way to do just that Mingle with the guild and now soon to be the community. We all sign up on a sheet prior (Which helps figure out who’s going to be there) then prior to when the mingle starts we all get into a raid and we just shuffle the members around. We start off with low keys and just build them up.

This is not for members to push their high keys and get KSM. It’s to meet and greet other members to hang out and have fun. We run the mingle on Wednesday and it starts at 6pm PST (Proudmoore server time). We do 2 weeks on and 1 week off. This helps prevent burnout for the officers/raiders/m+’ers - you are still more than welcome to put together your own groups on Wednesday nights.

Alliance Raiding

The Alliance raid currently has 2 raiding groups. Sometimes we have seen as high as 4. We go through normal then heroic content gaining AOTC. Once AOTC is achieved we do dabble in some mythic. Mythic will be a separate roster with separate requirements when we get to that point.

We currently raid on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday starting at 6pm until 8pm PST (Proudmoore server). We also have an optional extra hour on Friday and Saturday.

Horde Raiding

With the rebuild of the Horde side of our community we are hoping to be getting our raiding up whenever we get enough people. We have been gaining more members each week so I’m sure we will be able to start something up soon. With the cross faction coming out I’m sure there might be some alliance members that are willing to come and assist us get on our feet as well. Our Raid days and times are as follows.

  • Wednesday and Thursday
  • 9pm until 11pm EST (Area 52 server)

Our raiding rules can be found here - Wed-Thu Raiding Information

Sunday Open Raid

Members, Main Raiders and Alts are all welcomed to join the alliance open raid on sunday’s from 6 - 8 pm PST, so if you are looking to go to a more relaxed learning environment that goes from LFR to Normal and maybe even Heroic then make sure to read the Alliance Raid Rules. Open raid was created and designed to give back to the membership because members make up more of our guild then our raiders do. Make sure to meet Alliance Normal requirements (ilvl, enchants, gems, food, flask, etc).


If anyone has any questions. Please, now is the time. Let’s hear what you have to say.

  1. Can you raid both Alliance and Horde if it doesn’t interfere with your attendance to your “Main” faction? YES - but don’t burn out trying to do it all.
  2. If you decide to raid in 2 places, you only get Raider rank (and raider repairs) on one toon, in one faction. Otherwise you’re using the Member repairs or your own personal repairs.
  3. We’re happy to help guide new players on how to gear up, just ask. Pretty sure wowhead also has a guide.
  4. If someone remembers the other questions, feel free to DM Isi and I’ll add them.

Closing Msg

My name is Staletala, I’m a RA on the Alliance side. I was chosen to do the closing message for the meeting. Let us end on a high note by reading a few paragraphs from my Steamy Romance Novel.

She accepted the chalice of win with a bat of her long lashes. “I really shouldn’t, Lord Gravesbane. My mother would never approve.”

“Nonsense, my dear Elonia,” the nobleman answered. “You are ten-thousand years old. I’m sure your mother would forgive you for indulging just this once.”

She giggled. “It’s not the wine, my lord. Rather, it’s the notion of a nightborne spending her evening in the company of someone so…”

“Charming?” he offered.

“I was going to say decrepit.”

“My morals are not quite that far gone, I assure you,” he replied, his eye drifting up and down the length of her flowing gown. “I’m sure your mother would find me most endearing.”

“Oh would I?” asked a sharp voice. Crispin Gravesbane turned to see another nightborne framed within the doorway. Though her attire was less inviting than her daughter’s, her face and body were a mirror of Elonia’s own.

Well look at the time. See you all next time.