Horde Raid Meeting 5/28/20

Horde Raid Meeting
5/28/20, 8:20pm EST
Horde Officers Present: Severinne, Myxamatozzis, Aellice, Sketchie, Luntho
Triumvirate/Board Present: Cataclysm, Star, Taevarth, Grimmie

Meeting Minutes:


  • Heroic raids un-fun for some people lately, wiping a lot, struggling to clear bosses, etc.
    • Reasons are a combo:
      • New people joining unfamiliar with mechanics and raiding
      • Alts that are undergeared and people unfamiliar with their rotations

Regarding new raiders - we made changes in the last few weeks.

  • Looking at people more closely when they join the roster, what have they cleared, how have they done it.
  • Capping the raid at 25 to slow the influx of new players.

Regarding Alts - we had 3 weeks in a row with multiple wipes, partly due to alts, so we asked people to switch. Not intended forever, but we have limited time to down these bosses and we need to get back to full clearing. The current alt roster isn’t capable of doing harder content.

New changes -

  • Will allow people to bring alts starting next week, but only for the first 7 bosses. No alts for Ra-den, Illy-g, Vex, and last 2 bosses.
  • For alts we will be tougher because of the gearing patterns on this patch, they will need to be 455+ to raid heroic (used to be 445) - Applies to new members who want to join and to alts who want to join.
  • Will be setting a DPS minimum as well. Will be looking at logs to figure this out.
  • Likely will need to do something similar for healing, working on that now. Will need to be squishier due to the nature of the role.
  • Also going to stop using the shortcut since we’re switching back to Weds/Thurs, to give us a good ramp up to the harder bosses.

Need to put our focus back into Heroic Raid. -

  • Mythic is being moved to Saturday because it’s a better day for “bonus activity” day. Will see if we have enough people to run, may need to pug, alliance has luck pugging mythic. If we can’t make the raid happen will likely change it to something else like Mythic BoD, etc.
  • The mythic raid is a bonus activity for the heroic raid group, but you need to at least attend heroic one night to be part of the mythic raid. We are still a heroic raid guild.
  • Starting next Thursday, one heroic attendance from the last 2 heroic nights is required to join in Mythic for the week. Mythic-only raiding isn’t a thing in this guild, it is an extra activity for heroic raiders.


  • Wednesday/Thursday, 8:30-10:30pm EST - Heroic
  • Saturday, 8:30-10:30pm EST - Mythic
  • Sunday, 8:30-10:30pm EST - Alt/Open Normal

Some comments on raiding “too much” -

  • The Sunday raid night is completely and totally optional, do not feel obligated to attend, it’s just a casual night. We hope we can use it to get people who used to go straight to normal to be able to see some of the bosses and learn some of the mechanics.
  • Attendance for every single raid is not required. We understand life happens.

We are still an Accomplished Casual guild -

  • The environment has to accept some new raiders. We might ask you to switch off your alt before we ask a new player to sit. We’re trying to let the most people performing at their max ability be able to run. You might have to run with someone who has never seen certain heroic mechanics before. We all went through this with progression, some of these people will have the same problem. We may remove them if things get really bad, but we might have a wipe or two.
  • It is important for the health of the guild that we continue to bring new people in and be patient with them.
  • If you are looking for an environment that is more competitive, this may not be the guild for you.

Main Swaps -

  • You can declare a different main once every 3 months. Post that you want to swap your main on raid signups, but we will have to have a conversation about the switch for the entire set of bosses. If we are having issues with a boss, please be flexible if we need you to switch to your previous main.
  • Your heroic character and mythic character don’t have to be the same character.

Mythic in Shadowlands -

  • Is always going to be an after AOTC event. Three raid nights will likely continue into the next expansion but all 3 nights will be used for Heroic progression.

Why we are switching Thursday -

  • We are losing continuity between our heroic and mythic nights. Our priority is heroic, we want to be sure people can raid it. Saturday is the new night (when we introduced a 3rd), so the “bonus day” needs to move there in order to fix our scheduling problems. Sunday is the alt raid. We are aware that some people can’t raid Saturday, so if mythic has to go to make Heroic raiding healthy again, then mythic will go. We decided at the start that if we need to collapse our schedule back down for any reason it would be Weds/Thurs with Saturday cut.

Raid Teams -

  • Right now, two teams is not an option. We don’t have the tanks, healers, or raid leads in order to do it. We need more people to do that. As this patch stretches on and winds down, splitting into two raid teams is not a viable or sustainable option given everything that needs to go into it. This is something we are considering for the next xpac.
  • New raiders are not getting their own raid separate team, period. We will not be splitting the raid into old raiders and new raiders. That is not the core and culture of this guild. We are all one team. We recruit, are always recruiting, and will continue to recruit. This is for the continued health and success of the guild.

Cataclysm (one of the Triumvirate):

  • Alliance has been doing 2 groups for a very long time now, but they keep the raid teams BALANCED, and do it correctly. People love it. Alliance has 6-7 tanks to span the two groups and 10 healers. You need to have way more than what you think you need in order to make 2 groups – because people need days off, people need to miss raid, etc. Horde isn’t big enough. When Horde does split into 2 teams, they will likely be looking to the triumvirate for guidance on how to split this in a balanced raid.
  • I am always around for doing things like looking at raid logs, and helping you look at your raid logs, please ask if you have questions, or want to chat, or want to get help. And please ask your horde leadership what you can do to improve.
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