Horde Raid Meeting 5/6/20

Horde Raid Meeting
5/6/20, 7:45pm EST
Horde Officers Present: Severinne, Myxamatozzis, Aellice, Maevewinter, Sketchie
Triumvirate/Board Present: Cataclysm

Meeting Minutes:

Thanks for bearing with us as we change things around. This is a new size and skill level for the guild, so we’re trying to find what works best while we wait for Shadowlands.

Raid schedule changes since Shadowlands is so far away:

  • Mythic on Thursdays until we hit a wall
  • Not going to be a Mythic raiding guild, not recruiting for that, not Cutting Edge guild.

Going forward, we’ll try to make more targeted swaps/cuts if we’re getting stuck on a farm boss, so that most people on alts can stay on them. If your alt is not keeping up though, you might be the swap. Especially for Carapace/Illy-G/Vex/N’Zoth, they are a big step up from the rest of the raid.

Please remember to do mechanics during farm! This is just as important as during progression. Even more important with all the new players coming in, so please stay focused.

New raid schedule:

  • 2 hours heroic a week is tough, but want to keep trying mythic
  • Adding a third night
  • New Schedule: Wednesday (Heroic), Saturday (Heroic), Thursday (Mythic), Sunday (Normal) Alt/Open Run
  • May collapse schedule back down depending on attendance, may keep for "fun runs.”
  • Shadowlands and new raid: Likely will continue 3-night schedule for Heroic progression, may then go to 1 night for Mythic AFTER we get AOTC for that new tier.

Attendance: Attendance is NOT a requirement every raid night. Life happens, we don’t punish for missing a raid. PLEASE make use of the #wow-h-raid-absences channel to let us know if you can’t make it.

Going forward, we are going to alternate runs:

  • Every other week: Fresh run Wednesday and finish Saturday
  • Weeks between: Start with skip to Carapace/N’Zoth Wednesday, then circle back around. Finish on Saturday.
  • Same idea for Alt/Open raid - every other Sunday will start fresh, the weeks in between will start with the skip.

EVERYBODY needs to revisit the raid rules! This is particularly important for new raiders, but still just as important for veterans.

  • New Raid Rule: Must have cleared all bosses on normal before jumping into heroic - to get a grasp of bosses. Will accept having completed 10/12N for fresh heroic weeks, but you will need to have downed normal Carapace and N’Zoth before joining those heroic fights.

Please remember to help new guild members and make them feel at home. Group up, gear up, chat, and have fun!

Please don’t be afraid to ask for help with your class, everyone is friendly. :slight_smile:

If you have questions that were not addressed in the meeting – or about anything, ever, at all – please don’t hesitate to DM an officer.