Housing Contest! What should we name the FC house?

Hey guys! Thought it would be fun to have a lil ol’ contest to name the FC house. We were toying with this idea the first time around on Cactuar but it never happened. Now that we’re on Siren I figured it’s a good opportunity to try it!


  1. Submit a suggestion by replying to this post.

  2. I will handpick my top 5 favorites from the list of suggestions next SATURDAY (6/15)

  3. At that time, I will put up a poll with the 5 options. The winning option will be what we name the house, and the person who suggested the name will receive a prize (that I haven’t determined yet…)

Let’s have fun with it!

“House of Evolution”, like from One Punch Man

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Final Evolution


Now that I think about it Hoard storage would also be a fun one.

Ok guys poll is here! Voting ends Wednesday! gogogo

  • House of Evolution
  • Evolved’s School of Life
  • Final Evolution
  • Hoard Storage
  • Cata’s Thicc House

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Poll closed! The winner is HOUSE OF EVOLUTION! I have no idea what the prize is yet but congrats Trekkie on the win woo woo