How does one tank M+ in BfA?

Are you tired of waiting on a tank for your M+ runs? Do you have a tank off-spec but never really played it due to inexperience or the fear of letting the group down? Have no fear for here is a good dungeon guide to the 10 dungeons in BfA (so far).

Since Legion, I have tank many M+. I was once a non-tank main and wasn’t sure of my tanking capabilities when I decided to make the plunge. Having awesome people (go Evolved Gaming!) that have your back and want you to succeed as well is a big part of the learning experience. The other is really knowing your class and how each ability can be applied in every situation. Okay, moving into my wall of text I have outlined a few key points.

  1. Don’t be afraid to fail. It will happen and that is part of the learning process.

  2. Taunt is your friend. Always, always, always use it to start a pull. Don’t let your party members die due to aggro issues, especially when max dps requires your dps to pop all offensive cooldowns on pull.

  3. Mob positioning. You know those 1-3 other melee dps guys? Yeah, they don’t like standing in the fire. Move those mobs but remember, do not turn your back to the mobs you are tanking or you will take unmitigated hits. You can’t dodge, parry, or blocks attacks when the mobs are hitting your butt! Backpedal is the easiest solution but sometimes it’s to slow. In this case you need to strafe. By keeping the mobs hitting you on the side means you will still dodge, parry, and block.

Sanguine affix also requires you (as a tank) to be aware of where the mobs need to be when they die. Evaluate where you are fighting mobs. Move them to the back of a large room and use that space wisely. Nothing is more frustrating when mobs die in the middle of a cramped hallway leaving that grape drink in a very bad place.

  1. Be a leader. This might be the hardest part of the tanking role but can be done in very subtle ways. Don’t try to micro-manage your team members but do call out certain things. As a tank, you ultimately control the pacing of the dungeon. Communicate with your healer, you won’t always have defensives available.Tell your healer ahead of time in a calm manner, “I don’t have any defensives, can I get an external?” 10 seconds ahead of that big hit helps a lot. And if there are no externals, this gives your healer (and yourself) time to pucker those cheeks and drop those fatty spammy heals on you when that hit comes in.

  2. M+. High keystones and multiple mobs packs. Respect the Keystone otherwise your run will be painful. When pushing higher keys, be aware of how much damage you can take when pulling multiple packs. Be aware of how fast your dps can kill. I’ve been that tank that has pulled way to many resulting in a wipe.

  3. Have fun! This is a game and you need to enjoy playing. Pushing those high keys can get stressful but remember with communication and experience the sky is the limit.

I hope this helps those of you who have had a spark of interest in tanking. Please post any questions concerning M+ Keystone tanking and we can discuss!

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Thanks for this, as a newb tank I will be using this.

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