How to Apply? - SL Raiding and M+

Hi! I also posted on your WoW guild recruitment post FYI: My SO and I are interested in joining in a raiding capacity if you’re still looking, as well as for m+.

I understand we can probably just ask for an invite to join the guild, which sounds like a great community, but I’m curious how to actually get on the raid team once we’re a part of the guild. What is the protocol for applying to join the raid team and being accepted? Sidenote: we both read through the raid rules and concur with all points, and I did not see a section for how to apply for the raid team.

Thanks for any info! I’ll post some basic info below, if more is needed in terms of raid experience, we’d be happy to elaborate!


Me: Heals (Undecided on main for SL - will be either DPriest/HPriest or HPally. Or any other healer if another is preferred for the team).
Him: Hunter (BM/Marksman)

Brief Raiding Background:
My husband has been playing since Vanilla and I’ve been playing since MoP, and we’ve both raided (semi-hardcore) nearly every expansion since starting. I’ve been through progression on every healing spec, but priest has been my main since MoP. He’s raided as a rogue (vanilla through ICC), hunter (ICC and beyond), and alt raids as tank. We both have not raided since Uldir. Fun tidbit - we met on Wow in 2015, on the same raid team in WoD.

Bnet: Spectral#11467
Discord: Spectral#1140

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Welcome. :slight_smile: Since you’re already approved on our website here, you just need an officer to get you an invite in-game. You can join our discord server through the link on our main web page (once you join, follow the DMed directions from the bot). You can then head to #wow-h-chat to see if there’s an officer available. Or you can request to join in the guild finder in game and we can add you when someone is on. Please make sure to put your forum/discord name in the note box.

I see that you’ve read the raid rules, so once you meet the requirements, you would sign up on the “Raid Roster, Groups, and Signups” post here on the forums. Please note that the signups are still for the current tier. We have not posted Shadowlands signups yet, and will be having a guild meeting to cover raids (and other info) in the coming weeks.

We have a play-what-you-like philosophy around here. :slight_smile:

Just shout if you have more questions!

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Thanks so much! I’ll request an invite when I’m online tonight :blush:

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