I brought pie

Hi all

Just signed up for your lovely website/guild/discord and am looking forward to meeting everyone. I’ve been playing wow on and off since BC and roll around 4/5 characters at the moment. I found your post on the wow forums and just sounded like a good fit. I’m kind of quiet until I come out of my shell but I’m always willing to help if/when asked with anything.

As for my title well I love to bake/cook and am quite good (humblebrag)

Hopefully I’m accepted into your family



Hello and Welcome to Evolved :smiley: Glad you decided to join us! I happen to love to cook and bake too, feel free and share some of your favorite recipes or pictures in our Food for Thought section at the bottom of Discord. Always fun to see what other’s in Evolved are cooking up!

Look forward to seeing you in game :smiley:

Glad to have you here! I also am a fan of cooking. I like to cook things for fun sometimes and often cook dinners for my Wife and I. Not so much into baking but i do love pie lol. Hope to see you around and glad you found us!