I would love to be apart of guild again

Hi there my name is Eddy, but most people call me Tom. I’m a university student currently but yet I can still dedicate time to a guild.

It has been a while since I was a apart of a guild, but hopefully that will change if I am fortunate enough.

If you want to find me on Discord, my discord name is in my profile.

  • Tom (Eddy)

Hello and thank you for your interest. You’re halfway there in joining us the next step you need to take is getting setup in our discord. Once in there just set yourself up the #bot-spam channel. It’s very simple the bot will tell you if you’ve done it correctly/incorrectly. Once you’re set up in discord you may whisper any officer in game for an invite. Discord will show you who is currently online. If you have any issues/questions/concerns feel free to message me on discord.