I'm Vee, and I fill houses with trees

I’m Vee, and what you didn’t know is that I fill houses with trees. My trees and I have just moved from Mathisien Manor to a bigger home after needing more room for us to…branch out…

(just a few images from our old tree house)

If you would like to donate your unwanted trees, shrubbery, or vines I will add them to this tree home.

The grand hall is only about 1/4 filled with underbrush. Any donations of dense underbrush will really help…spruce the place up.

Have I already lost you? Ready to… Log off? Wait, before you leaf…

A snare drum and a crash symbol fell out of a tree.

(Please no Ferns, Tropical plants, aquatic plants, or dead trees at this time)


I like your style.

This is awesome! I can see it becoming a very poplar decorating style

vee ! this is amazingly beautiful!

Wow those are amazing looking! Very unique and neat! I’ll have to keep an eye out for any trees I have to add to your collection :slight_smile: