Introducing Myself!

Hi Everybody! My name is Aaron, I’m in my (now mid, I guess) 20s, and I’m from Arizona (unfortunately). I’m currently studying Computer Science at Colorado State University Global Campus. I played WoW as a kid during the WoTLK days (and was introduced in TBC), played at the start of BFA, and played at the end of BFA. At this point I play mostly tank and healer (with a strong preference for tanking), though I’ve got no issue playing DPS. Was nervous about trying to find a guild for SL, but Evolved sounds like a fantastic fit for me, after reading all the information on the A52 boards about the community. I’m looking mostly to push M+ keys, and to learn my roles thoroughly and become competitive-ish (I want to be competent, but I’m not in a place where I want to be putting in the time to be CE; I’d rather have a life than treat WoW as a full time job). One of the major reasons Evolved seems like a good fit for me is the community aspect; I would much rather be part of a guild where everyone is friends and enjoy hanging out with each other than a guild where the focus is purely on being the best, and life becomes cutthroat.

Right now, I’m probably maining bear druid going into SL; I haven’t decided on a secondary yet, and will probably decide a week or two into SL, depending on what’s needed as I find my niche within the group. I hope to get to know you all, and I hope Evolved will be my new home!


Welcome new friend! :slight_smile:

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