Invitations to a WoW Wedding

Who is getting married? Aquababe and Aquapeeko
Where? Alliance Proudmoore
When? 2/14/19 Lets say 9PM ST. Time is probably still adjustable. So is the actual in-game location.
Who is invited? Everyone!
Are we actually getting married? No, not yet anyway <3 but its something to do and an excuse for a fun time this Valentine’s Day.

Oh and we haven’t asked anyone to play our priest yet. If anyone wants to volunteer for that… feel free!

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What accommodations are being made for ESO players who want to attend? Or do i just send an ESO sub as a wedding gift?

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WoW Trial accounts should allow physical presence as long as we put the ceremony somewhere that noobs can reach.

Once team Aqua decide where they are doing this I’ll put some brief instructions together.

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Oh man I have not attended an ingame wedding in a while! Sounds like fun, my shadow priesty self will be there! :smiley:

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Pretty sure we decided on Stormwind last night. So trials should be able to attend in the city right? As long as there isn’t a raid or different scheduled event going on we’ll back the time up to say 7PM if that is better for out attendees. Our guests make the event equally important <3 :smiley:

I’ve actually never attended an in game wedding lol Sounds like fun!

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Oh this is such a neat idea! Not sure if I will be able to attend, but I will definitely try since this sounds fun!

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Ok. I’ll set up a trial account and test on a spare PC. :slight_smile:

If it works I’ll throw together instructions.

Ok. Trial accounts work and are pretty easy to get to Stormwind.

Here are the sample isntructions:

Trial accounts will not really be able to interact in game (chat, whisper, etc.) but that shouldn’t matter if the attendees are on discord. Their avatars (toons) will be there and can emote, or just stand around :stuck_out_tongue:

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Praxxis will be there

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Imagine if a Draenei shadow priest in Whitemane transmog officiated this… lol


HI everyone!!!

The wedding today is at 7pm on Proudmoore Alliance in Stormwind

we are doing it at the park in Stormwind (coordinates are 50.48, 41.24)
we have rose petals for everyone
and wine!
and a feast

We found a priest! Very special guest my IRL friend from Vet Tech school

@peeko @Aquatection Sorry I missed this, Valentine’s sort of interfered. I hope you’ll post more screenshots!! :heart: