Jedbot - Feedback and Suggestions Welcome!

Hey all. As most of you have noticed by now, I’ve developed a bot to help members set their own roles in discord, Jedbot (super conceited name I know).

Wanted to open this thread up for feedback and suggestions on the bot so I can continue to improve it in the future.

What do you like?
What don’t you like?

What do you want to see added?

Current features:
.iAm - sets Member role for new members
.setRole - allows members to set their own specific game (or Get-Together) roles
.removeRole - same as above but in reverse
.rolelist - Displays list of available roles

In the works:
Discourse Group Integration- When a member uses .setRole or .removeRole, add/remove them from the appropriate group in the forums.

All feedback is much appreciated! Thanks!

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How Jed Bot Works
JedBot assists us by automating the assignment of roles on our Discord server. When a new member joins the Evolved Discord Server, they are PM’ed by JedBot with instructions on how to gain Member status - this same information is pinned in our #bot-spam channel for reference. By doing the “.iam” process in the #bot-spam channel, JedBot uses the forum name provided and matches up the Discord account name used to initiate the process with the Discord account name they provided on the forums.

Once verified, it grants the Member role, which grants access to the majority of our Discord server, and it also changes their Evolved-server-specific Discord nickname to match their forum name. Once granted the Member role, they can then use the .rolelist to gain game-specific roles, which will allow them to be @mentioned with that role.

New Member Authentication Problems
This is where new members usually have the most trouble, mostly due to lack of reading/following instructions:


  • Input by user Jedediah:

    • .iam Jedediah
  • JedbotBOT outputs:

    • Your Discord Name does not match the one you provided when signing up on the forums. Please click this link - - and update your Discord Name (needs to match the Discord Name in the bottom left of your Discord screen - Example Discord Name: Jed#6293) and click Save Changes. Once you have done so, use the ‘.iam [FORUM NAME]’ again.

The above error message translates to - the Discord account name they provide on the forums does not exactly match their actual Discord account name. The Discord name they provide on the forums is CASE SENSITIVE. If they click on the link that the error message provides, it takes them directly to their Profile on the forums. They can scroll down and correct their Discord name there, click Save, and try the .iam command again.

Only Triumvirate, Board, and Guild Leadership/Chapter Leaders can click on the link to see their profile to be a second set of eyes and compare what they entered to what their actual Discord name is. If you are not at one of these ranks, below is a list of things you can watch out for that will assist you in helping those struggling with the bot.

9 times out of 10 the above error message that we just discussed, means that they have not correctly put their discord account name (Name#Numbers) in the Discord Name field on our forum website. Commonly, what they entered will be missing components such as:

  • Jed

    • Missing # and Numbers
  • Jed 6293

    • This is missing the # between name and numbers
  • Jed # 6293

    • Has some sorta space between Name and # or the # and Numbers.
  • Jed#6239

    • The numbers are incorrect/transposed.
  • Jde#6293

    • Misspelled their name.
  • jed#6293

    • Capitalization is incorrect.

Once they correct their Discord account name on their forum profile, they might also come back and forget what they are supposed to do or do not check the instructions they were given. Here are some problems that may arise:

  • .iam Jed#6239

    • They tried to use their Discord name to verify instead of their Forum name.
  • .iam [Jedediah]

    • They have added in the [BRACKETS] when it just needs to be Forum Name.