July 2021 Guild Meeting Part 2

Opening - Cataclysm

Over the past few days our community was shaken down to its core. It rattled everybody in the community so hard that roughly 100 members no longer play WoW. This has been a heartfelt event that rocked the gaming industry. For those that don’t know what I am referring to, I strongly suggest you take the time to go and look at WoW Head, icy veins, mmo champs and all your favorite content creators. But to give you all an idea, Blizzard is being sued by the state of California for unfair wages and abusive actions taken towards females within their organization.

Our TBC Classic family also has had a loss in membership. Some of our WoW brothers and sisters are leaving due to Blizzard. We do not judge the actions taken by them nor any decisions people make. We wish them well on their journey to find a new game: one we hope that is within our community… maybe it will be FFXIV or maybe it will be New World or maybe they will find a different game and grow an Evolved community. We are just happy that all of you that have left WoW… and stayed are still with us in Evolved.

There has been some questions around the water cooler we would like to help answer. Are we removing WoW from evolved… the answer is NO… we are not dropping World of Warcraft. We will re build. We will keep moving forward. We will keep having fun. So don’t be nervous or scared. We are going to be here for a long while yet.

Guilds Core Beliefs / Rebuilding - Scybil

Reminder-Evolved does not condone any negative/hurtful actions taken by Blizzard
We do support the victims and genuinely good people that have given us a game we love
We do support you all, no matter what you choose to do in the near or later future.
We ask that each of you respect people’s wishes and opinions on the subject. Each person is going to do what they feel is right and what makes them feel better and we need to appreciate that and stay connected as a whole. We will get through this, together. Some of you out there may not know what to do. We are here for you. If any of you need an ear to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, or a Cata for everything else, reach out to us.

While we wait for the light at the end of that tunnel, we will rebuild. Although we have lost, we can grow again. This means that recruiting will be going strong from all sides. Other guilds are also hurting, and we will take this opportunity to welcome in all of those who need a home, a place to stay, and a family to help through these troubling times.

Raiding - Burden / Sword


Due to what has happened in Blizzard we have had many Officers / Raiders / Family leave. We are having to reconsider what we are looking at doing to keep moving forward. Thoughts around the officer table are doing 1 static group as well as the potential of 1 guild organized pug. We will always attempt to fill from within our guild before pugging.

Please keep in mind we are still recruiting to get back to where we were. Our goal is to still have 2 - 25 man raids going into phase 2. This will require alot of work and commitment from all of our raiders and sword will explain it.


Always remember raiding is a commitment and with the amount of call outs we have had over the past few weeks we are still leaning towards 1 static group until we reach over 60ish raiders so that we don’t get stressed out 5 min before raid starts trying to find 2-3 raiders to fill the group and/or having to sit an entire group.

That being said, we want to hear from you, the raiders on your thoughts and how you all feel. Please share with us your ideas, suggestions, and opinions during the Q/A. There are no wrong answers and we would like to grow and evolve this community with your help and you as the center, target focus.

Recruitment - Guinnivere / Fuschia


In the even that our second 25 man raid becomes a flex raid, it will give us a pretty significant opportunity for recruitment. We want to bring quality people to our flex raids, but we also want to bring in people who fit the Evolved standards. Recruiting isn’t just for Fuschia and I - it’s for the entire guild. If any of you know anyone outside Evolved - someone you’ve run dungeons with, etc - who might be interested in joining our ranks, talk to them! Invite them to sign up for our flex raids. Invite them on some 5 mans with us. It’s our hope that we bring people in on these flex raids who see how we run things, and say “I want to be a part of this.” So please reach out. We happened to pick up a solid pally tank this weekend because Rigzy had the courage to say “so, are you happy in your current guild?” Sometimes that’s all it takes.


Hi all, I’m Fuschia, although most of you will know me as Lorani in game. I’m guinn’s new recruiting assistant, and I’m pretty excited to be having a role in the guild’s growth as we move forward.

We’ve had a pretty big blow to morale with everything that has come out of Blizz HQ, and I know a lot of you probably have some uncertainty about what’s going to happen next. One of the reasons I was asked to take this role is because I’m a people person, and I relate to just about everyone. It’s our greatest wish that our family here within the Evolved community continue to work together through this. Everyone in the guild is a potential recruiter, and we’re all walking advertisements for the kind of player we want to attract. This is a family first and foremost, above and beyond the shiny purples. Every time we log in, we all have the opportunity to draw people to Evolved, so we need your help to get our roster filled out.

Thanks for letting me represent you! Please know that I’m pretty much always available if you want to talk about anything. In game or discord, please come find me and know that I’m here for all of you first and foremost.

Day to Day - Vroop

Hi everyone, some of you know me but for those who dont Im Vroop, Evolveds new day to day officer.

Dungeon days

  • I would like to set up planned days for guild dungeon runs.
  • These can range from 60-70 dungeons or could be people running lower level dungeons together.
  • I hope this will give the chance for people who don’t normally group together or socialize as much(whether it be because of schedule, or shyness and the like)to get involved with the guild.

Carry days

  • I would like to find tanks/mages/whoever who are able to carry that would be willing to do carry days with me!
  • I hope this will give people who are lower level who don’t normally get to participate in the usual dungeons and who might not always be around when help is available the chance to get some help, socialize with other higher level guildies and perhaps get a few quick levels on their journey!

If anyone has any suggestions for community involvement within the guild, please feel free to bring them to me! That also goes for any other suggestions you may have. You can be assured I will look into them! That is real suggestions, Im lookin at you Sketchie, no “I suggest you give me 1000g”

Current times

  • Lastly, I want to say to everyone that if you ever need to talk to someone, need a “shoulder to cry on” as it were or just need help with taking your mind off something, know that me and the rest of the officers and leadership are here. Feel free to contact us if you need anything, our doors are open.

Words from Tri/Board - Cataclysm

Make sure to always be checking the Community-News section on discord for the late news that we share with all of the community. If you are looking at leaving WoW as your main game. We do have some different games you might want to consider such as FFXIV or New world (Comes out Aug 31st). If you are maybe looking into a different game and would like to potentially run it. Please get with Cataclysm and he will take you through the steps involved to get started.

Q&A - Cata / Scybil

Cata I gave you a lot of speak time, I can do Q&A if you wish.

Closing - Cata

We care about each and every one of our members. We know that there are lots of changes and more to come in the future. We remind you all that we are here to have fun and play with friends and family. If any one at any time needs / wants to talk to some one no matter how minor you think it is. My door as well as the officers doors are always open.